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Local SEO: It is a powerful tool to market your business online. If your business has multiple locations then you could probably benefit from Local SEO and not just SEO. This strategy can boost your recognition with the local people by optimizing your site and seeking more local customers. Local SEO approach is totally different from SEO and it requires its own set of strategies. Webtraffic.agency is one of the best Local SEO Company that helps businesses to improve branding, engage the community, increase customer loyalty and secure higher conversion rate by using strategized Local SEO tactics.  

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Service Process

The following chart sums up our local SEO techniques.






Our Local Marketing Services

Local SEO

Before we implement Local SEO campaign, we make sure that our clients’ website is appropriately indexed by major search engines that determine rankings. This process involves submitting the XML sitemap to platforms like Google Webmaster.

Contracting with Leading Local SEO Service Providers in Mumbai like Webtraffic.agency which helps in optimizing Google Local Business Pages, with suitable images, videos, attractive description and other suitable factors that will help you get on the top of search results page and eventually attract highly targeted customers to your business.


Local Directory Listings

Our primary goal is to make your business more visible and accessible to people, therefore, we make sure that you are present on all online business directories like Google Business Listing. Initially, books and yellow pages books were used for searching information of businesses. But now online business directory is becoming popular and is the best method for achieving goals and objectives.

Local PPC

Local PPC is one of the fastest ways to attract new customers, help increase relevancy and give results. Local PPC ads are only displayed to people who are within 5 miles radius of your shop or office. Therefore, you can effectively target the right audience and convert them to recurring customers. Additionally, it can efficiently utilize your budget.  


Social Media Marketing

Almost the whole world is online on social media. If your business is not there, then you are missing out on a lot of things. We at Webtraffic help you to interact with your audience, engage them and get new prospects that will convert into customers with the help of all the suitable technologies required for social media marketing. We will also guide you to choose the best channel suitable for your audience. For e.g.

  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and much more
  • Blogs like on Medium, Wix
  • Digital Video

Growth in Keyword Ranking

Increase in Organic Traffic

Increase in Top 10 Ranking

Increase in Visit duration

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