MARVEL – Globally conquering the Traditional and Digital Marketing world

How many spent their childhood watching the favorite superheroes on Cartoon Network?

Who all enjoyed watching Iron Man, Spider-Man, Hulk, Fantastic Four, or X-Men?

Well, we guess all of you!

Do you know who is the person behind them? And what’s the success story of the creator?

Stan Lee – O2 of Marvel world

Stanley Martin Lieber a.k.a Stan Lee was born in New York in the year 1922, he originally wanted to become a Novelist, instead, he started working with ‘’Timely Comics Group’’ (later renamed as “Atlas Comics”) as an assistant editor at the age of 17.

How Stan Lee brought Marvel into Existence?

In 1950, ‘’Atlas Comics’’ write a script for superhero comics like ‘’The Whizzer’’ and ‘’Black Marvel’’. They even continued to write the comic on then very famous radio comedy program ‘’My Friend Irma’’, which didn’t work out too.

Because of the above failures, ‘’Atlas Comics’’ bankrupted in 1957 due to which they renamed it with the new brand name: ‘Marvel’ (1961).

How DC influenced Stan Lee not to quit his career:   

Stan Lee wanted to quit his career as an Artist when the brand renamed and in same year DC introduced a new comic named ‘’Flash of Two Worlds’’ with the character Flash. They also introduced a new team in the ‘Brave and the Bold #28 ‘as ‘’Justice League.’’

By seeing this Marvel’s publisher Martin Goodman assigned Stan Lee to come up with a new superhero team and it is when Fantastic Four was created. It became an overnight sensation and then Stan Lee decided to stay in Marvel to create more characters and storyline.

Poster of Fantastic Four
#Rising era of Marvel

We are sure you guys might be curious to know which famous characters Stan Lee created and why?

Ironman- The shell head playboy

Stan Lee wanted to create a character of businessman superhero, and from there he created a super-rich businessman Tony Stark and thereon he created and used Ironman suit for himself.

While creating Iron Man, Stan Lee thought that he would be in a great trouble because at that time people used to hate war and hate the military.

In one of his interview, he stated, ‘’ I think I gave myself a dare. It was the height of the Cold War. The readers, the young readers, if there was one thing they hated, it was war, and it was the military…So I got a hero who represented that to the hundredth degree. He was a weapons manufacturer, he was providing weapons for the Army, he was rich, he was an industrialist…I thought it would be fun to take the kind of character that nobody would like, none of our readers would like, and shove him down their throats and make them like him…And he became very popular.’’

Evolution of iron man

Did you know the character of Iron Man had various changes in his costume?

Let’s have a look at them!

All his evolutions were loved by the audience.

Can you relate teenage superhero with an adult superpower?



Spider-man our responsible Spidey!

Stan Lee wanted to create the teenage character that is responsible and dealing with his daily life and also has a great responsibility to save his city.

So in 1962, he and his team released the new comic character ‘’Spider-man’’ in “Amazing Fantasy #15”.

The comic Amazing Fantasy #15

Later on, Spider-Man became the most successful and recognizable teenage character in the Marvel world.

Did you know Spiderman was the inspiration for one of the Marvel character?

Can you guess who?

Yes, it’s Deadpool also known as “Merc with a Mouth” because of his tendency to joke constantly.

The funny Dead Pool 

Going forward with the flow, let’s enter the thunderous world!

Thor – God of Thunder

Thor is known to be the controller of storm, rain, wind, thunder, and lightning.  The powers’ of Thor lies in the Hammer.


“All the power of the storm, from all the world, flows through my veins and can be summoned by mine hammer at any time, wherever it is. A lightning storm in Japan? Mine. A hurricane off the coast of Barbados? Mine again. A brace of tornadoes in Kansas? Aye…mine. All that might, all that destructive force, mine to command. Channeled and guided through the mystic might of this hammer, guided right at thee!”


He was first introduced in a comic named ‘’Venus #12 (1951).’’

The comic Venus #12 published in 1951

After that, his first appearance was in a live action by Eric Allan Kramer in 1988 television movie ‘The Incredible Hulk Returns’.

Poster of the The Incredible Hulk Returns

Captain America: The first avenger

Many of you might assume that Captain America was created by Stan Lee, but in reality, it was created by Jack Kirby and Joe Simon.

The writer-artists Joe Simon and Jack Kirby wanted to create a character who can fight against raising terror of Hitler during World War 2. People showed their love as one million copies of ‘’Captain America Comics #1 (1941)’’ were sold during that time.

Captain America Comic published in 1941

Hulk: The Green Goliath

When we think about Hulk, what comes first to mind? A monstrous character with his limitless anger.

The Incredible Hulk

Comic book artist Jack Kirby is the one who created Hulk along with Stan Lee. It first appeared in Fantastic Four.

Do you know how Jack Kirby got an inspiration for making Hulk?

The inspiration was a mother who lifted a car to save her child.

This woman proved Jack Kirby that any ordinary person in desperate circumstances can transcend themselves and do things that they wouldn’t ordinarily do.

Before entering the DIGI WORLD let us take you all through the journey of the famous Marvel characters.

Timeline and the journey of famous Marvel characters


Hola! Let’s dive into the fascinating digital world!

Marvel is a huge and strongest brand name in the world and with that strength, comes great responsibility!  And no one can ignore the fact that Marvel is carrying the duty in an incredible way.

Marvel has continued their legacy from Comics to Digital and it has been helping to keep their position on the top.

With the arrival of the digital age, the Marvel brand is experiencing the WOW factor. The comic characters made over decades gained popularity and even the film including these characters shows no hints of backing off.

From Advanced technology shown in Black Panther to the fight scene between Iron Man and Captain America in Civil: War, Marvel is consistently breaking box office records.

Trust you might be curious how Marvel uses Digital platforms to gain popularity?


Marvel has made sure to keep their Comic era alive in Digital World. They introduced comics in a digital world by creating ‘’Marvel Comics’’ Android/iOS app that connects people to their favorite superheroes.

App for Marvel comics

Grab the opportunity all the comic lovers!!


Today, Social Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other Social Buzz is becoming a key to success!

These platforms are suitable for Branding that eventually creates more awareness with the help of SEO, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing, Push and Pull Marketing, etc. Although there are various other techniques were used, but Marvel Studio is mainly focused on Push and Pull Marketing.

While booking movie tickets online, the website/app asks if you we need any food combo offers. This is a classic example of Push Marketing. And in case you buy the combo offer, the goal of Pull Marketing is succeeded.

Facebook needs no introduction and it is the leading platform for getting engagement. This plus point of Fb becomes a positive point for Marvel’s marketing campaign.

For example, the god of thunder finally got lighten up with its third part ‘’THOR-RAGNAROK 2017’’ in the box office.  The marketing campaign for ‘’Thor Ragnorak’’ was drastically different from the other Thor sequels. Adding a buddy-cop element created a thunderous buzz on social media because various video clips were uploaded.

Have a look at the below picture showing Facebook stats.

Thor reach and stats on Facebook

They have 1.26 million followers on Twitter too.

Thor Twitter stats

With the smashing hit by Thor Ragnorak, Black Panther too creates a blockbuster in the Digi World.

Official poster of Black Panther

Being a “game-changer” for the Marvel world the Black Panther is gaining 877k likes and 8.9k followers on Facebook by using the hashtag on every post ‘’#1movieintheworld’’.

Black Panther reach and stats on Facebook

Black Panther has 675K followers on Twitter.

Black Panther Twitter stats

Now the question arises,

Why was posting videos only criteria for Thor Ragnorak? Why black panther use the #1movieintheworld’?

The answer is all hidden in their strategy.

‘Thor Ragnorak’ was the first comedy + action movie for Marvel. The strategy for posting only videos lies in the fact that the movie is a full comedy pact giving the audience an instinct to watch a dose of laughter with action.

The comedy content was the main element in the movie that it can only be described by small videos rather than a picture.

Same goes for Black Panther campaign of ‘’#1movieintheworld’’, being the first movie consist of black people plus women empowerment.

The reason for the position for #1movieintheworld lies there only. And of course, we can’t deny the”Game-Changer” fact too!

Let’s take more Marvel movies to understand even better.

Captain America: Civil War launched a Digital Marketing campaign on Facebook ‘WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON?’’ which was a line from Marvel Comics.

A campaign created by Marvels for the movie Captain America: Civil War

Marvel released a  Facebook campaign and started promoting ‘’TeamRed’’ and ‘’TeamBlue’’. (caption)

Spider-Man: Homecoming: Marvel used another technique to promote its film.

Poster of Spider Man

Marvel created Campaign for fans who can explore Spider-Man’s comic cover, memes, 3D pictures, Instagram stories to engage the audience.

Memes on Spider Man

With leading race of social media, another platform that keeps up with marketing campaigns is Instagram. Instagram is the second most used social media platforms.

Using trending hashtags to the Insta stories, it gives the user a wide and clear picture (because of its zoom feature) of the brand. Marvel Entertainment is all set with its 17.6m followers on Instagram, giving all its followers and users glimpses about shows, comics, games or movies.

Creating a new feature like “highlights” the app is giving thumps up to the brands like Marvel in creating a new channel for promoting its brand plus engaging their followers.

Remember the Facebook campaign “WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON?” we mentioned before?

For promoting Captain America: Civil War, they created a strong video with a piece of visual content. Graffiti was painted on the walls and a time lapse video was shot. This video was then uploaded on Instagram which was the perfect lift. “To kill two birds with one stone”, is exactly what marvels proved.

According to, it has been one of the 13 Best Instagram Campaigns at that time

Going with the Instagram trend, Marvel is engaging and reaching people through hashtags. The posters and videos that are uploaded regarding their upcoming movie Avengers: Infinity War and the main hashtag used is #InfinityWar. With #InfinityWar they are using hashtags depending on the superhero featured in the post. For eg: this post featuring Black Panther has included #BlackPanther.

Famous hashtags used by Marvels

 Twitter has earned its place as one of the top social media giants. Because of its fast-paced feed and real-time conversation it set’s the stage for the business/branding. Their work towards transforming that audience into customers then into community plays an important role too!

Marvel has set its grassroots marketing movement on Twitter by driving over 6 million followers.

One of the best examples for a Twitter campaign is during the movie release of Age of Ultron. Marvels popular TV show “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D” had already set their viewers and side by side provided backstory for the upcoming movie Avengers: Age of Ultron, by using the hashtag #itsallconnected. In this way, they showed a link between both the shows and generated curiosity.

Age of Ultron contest conducted by The Avengers

The above picture is depicting a generous buzz for the Age of Ultron for the Twitter marketing goals.

Heading ahead with the next social platform for brand publicity, YouTube!

It is the second most commonly used search engine after Google.

Google video search and YouTube give a wide area for Video Marketing that helps to create an identity of a brand.

Marvel has arranged their videos according to their targeted audience, by uploading ‘’their making videos, Trailers, Teasers, Interviews, etc.  which is the perfect example of splitting up video content into verticals. These videos create a state of ecstasy on their viewers.

Trailers on YouTube

Moving ahead with the Marvels marketing tactic, get ready to dive, in the briefing of the marketing strategy of the Avengers: Infinity War!

Avengers Infinity war:

By the release of the first trailer, Avengers: Infinity war became a big buzz on Social Media along with million new discussions on the same.

On Twitter hashtags like #InfinityWar was used and the trailer was on the trending list.

They created exclusive Dolby Cinema picture, 3D posters. Marvel has also created small videos in which they introduced a new look of superheroes.

Though Marvel is gaining its popularity because of its superheroes but this year with Avengers: Infinity war the villain to rules the platform for being famous Thanos

Official poster of Avengers: Infinity War

We are sure, you must be eager to watch Avengers Infinity war! Avengers Infinity war is set to hit theaters on 27th April 2018, so go and grab your tickets now!


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