Enjoy your ride with Mario on Google Maps

Playing Mario, a Video game was probably the best childhood memory that everyone remembers.

How many of you knew when Mario Day is?

Well, on 10th of March it was Mario Day who was the famous plumber during all of the childhood days.

The name Mario was originated by the date itself. The abbreviation of the month of March is MAR and the date is 10, hence it is spelt as Mar10 and Mario.

One of the top selling games in the year 2017 was Mario Kart 8.

I am sure you all did not know about these Mario facts.

The world’s largest video game company that launched and created Mario is Nintendo. On the auspicious day of Mario’s day i.e. 10th March, it has collaborated with Google in order to add Mario time to the Google Maps. It is called as the Mario time!

In the past, too Google Maps had partnered with the Pac-man game and had changed its interface to Pac-Man.

Google maps partnered with Pac-map

During the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Google Maps had celebrated in a way by changing the navigation arrow in a Tie-Fighter.

Tie-fighter used as navigation during the release of star wars: force awakened

The idea of partnership by Nintendo with Google Maps for Mario is great for the fun promotion for their upcoming Mario Kart game for the mobile version.

The Mario of Google Maps will not be as refreshing as Mario Kart, but it will be entirely tidy.

Mario will guide you to the place you want to go. It will give you a virtual experience of Mario is driving along with you.

It just relives our childhood memories. So what are you waiting for? Follow the below given steps to get Mario on Google Maps now!

Now, let us step-by-step see how to get Mario on Google Maps now!

Steps for getting Mario on Google maps

It is very easy to get Mario on Google maps. This will only work for a week on Android and iOS phones both.

  1. Your Google maps should be up to date in order to see the Mario-themed maps.
  2. When you enter the destination on maps to start navigation, press the “?” button which will appear just beside the “Start” button. This cites Mario.
  3. You can also hear the 1-up sound that the Super Mario Bros game used to make. In case you want to hear it keep tapping the “?” button and it will make that sound.
  4. And then “Let’s go!”

Steps for adding Mario in Google maps

Yes, it is just this simple.

Well, just make sure that you do not concentrate on Mario’s Kart but concentrate on your driving. Here driving is not a joke. Do not actually stare at the fascinating graphics of Mario; rather keep your eyes on the road, unless you are actually playing the game!


This pretty much sums up on how motion graphics and animations help in growing a business and promoting things.

Stay tuned to our next blog on How Motion Graphics and Animation help a business grow on Social Media.


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