Twitter for Events: 17 Best Practices and Recommendations

Twitter is a social media platform with more than 300 million active users.

It is meant for the short posts that used to allow only 140 characters but now it allows 280 characters. There is a huge scope for marketing on Twitter. Read up our guide to Twitter marketing.

Not just Facebook but even Twitter can be a great platform for promoting events. Today we go through 17 best practices and recommendations for promoting events on Twitter. These include pre-event, during the event and post-event practices that one should consider.

How to use Twitter for promotion of events


  1. Think of a hashtag for your event

Hashtags can have a huge influence on people and promoting them can eventually promote your event too.

Create relevant hashtags related to your event, use them on all social media profiles, and especially Twitter because they have live hashtags.

If many people use your hashtag, it can come on the top of trending and can eventually get more attention. Include hashtags on your social media bios, pre-event tweets, printed materials, etc. keep monitoring the hashtags and check engagement until the event is over.

  1. Make a Twitter chat

Make and advance a Twitter Chat making use of the hashtag decided and help encourage engagement among the participants.

The chats would reflect the topic of the occasions. Email outreach with the speakers, participants, accomplices, and partners should be possible ahead of time of the chats to support the participation.

  1. On the registration page, request for Twitter handles

Think about requesting Twitter handles on the event information signup page. At that point, make a Twitter List and then follow all the participants on Twitter. Invest some energy in the weeks paving the way to the event and draw in with those on the rundown.

  1. Add buttons on the Thank You page like “Click to Tweet”

Give the participants of your event a chance to tweet on their profile like “Thank you for this event, I have registered for #ABC event, see you soon.” For this include a “Click-to-tweet” button.

  1. Make different iterations for posts

Make a few cycles of Twitter text and text + picture posts in order to promote the event. Ensure that you start posting things about the event 3 to 6 month’s pre the event. Do not hesitate to post prior if there is an early enrolment.

Notwithstanding tweeting about enrolment request, every week pick a sub-subject in regards to the occasion and tweet about that. For instance, four weeks pre-event, the topic could be the talking points in which you tweet features from the forthcoming introductions.

Give speakers tweaked designs including their picture so that they can post it on their own Twitter profiles using the hashtag of the event.

  1. Take videos and tweet them

In the run-up to the event tweet videos featuring the speakers, the CEOs, organizers, etc.

  1. Pin your most engaging tweet

The most engaging or popular post should be pinned on the top of your profile.

This means that whenever anyone will visit your profile, the pinned tweet will appear first. Also, make sure that you change your Twitter accounts URL some weeks before the event to the registration page.

Keep in mind to union the post and remove the URL when the event starts.

  1. Reach out to tourism boards and business development agencies

Draw in with Tourism Boards, Destination Marketing Agencies, and Business Development organizations in the urban communities where the event is happening.

They need however many individuals as could be expected under the circumstances to realize that their city is viewed as a meeting goal area and they will probably draw in and retweet your substance particularly on the off chance that you plan ahead of time by means of email outreach.

  1. Send emails to partners

Like mentioned before making it easy for people to retweet your post via the “Click-to-tweet” button. Email the other partners about this and request them to tweet or retweet it. Additionally ensure then that you will also help in promoting their events in the future.

  1. Adjoin registration URL and hashtags to signatures of emails

1 or 2 months prior the event adds hashtags and the registration link to your email signatures so that when you send an email, the event is also promoted.


  1. Convey a Tweet Wall

Work with your AV accomplice to communicate a live Twitter stream on open confronting screens at your occasion. Recognize and tag the most dynamic tweeters on the occasion.

  1. Make your event live on twitter

Do live posting on Twitter of your event and produce content. The excitement that you have built before the event should reflect on your live tweets.

Develop and highlight the tweets of the famous speakers and the audience enjoys. Take candid pictures and post many interesting pictures of the venue, people, city, etc.

Make sure that you mention the person (if you know him/her) in the pictures so that they are bound to retweet your post. Make use of Twitter polls as well.

  1. Broadcast the content of your event by using the tool Storify

There is a free tool called Storify that can be used for collecting and broadcasting the content of the event. Later this can be distributed on other social media platforms and on Twitter with the link to the Story.

  1. Tell people to give testimonials

Ask the people attended the event to provide “Twitter testimonials” and also request permission from them to use it for promotions for future events.


  1. Thank the participants and audience

Ensure that you post a nice message on your Twitter wall thanking everybody for their contribution and also for attending the event.

  1. Track the engagement on hashtags

Continue with tracking the engagement on the hashtags that were used for more opportunities in engagement.

  1. Analyse the engagement

The last step would be to track the engagement of your Twitter post and see what worked the best for you.



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