Tips for managing your social media profiles while on vacation

We all need a vacation from work but thinking about taking leaves also makes us think what will happen if we are away. You may be the person, who is the only one to solve problems, or all the work depends on you and you have many social media profiles to handle. Well, the clients will not compromise their social media accounts just because you are on a vacation. Making us think about all this depresses us that we cannot take a holiday and if we do what will happen?

Hence, today we will see how one can manage social media profiles while on vacation and without hampering the work.

Manage social media profiles while on vacation with the help of these tips

  1. Tell your audience or client

If you manage your own social media page and have a lot of followers, make sure that you inform your audience that you are going on a vacation and that you won’t be posting for some time. We recommend that even if you are on a vacation, you should not go completely silent. There is another way for it that will be explained in the further. If you inform them in advance and do not post anything, they will know that you are on a vacation and that things are fine.

If you manage social media profiles of various clients, there is no option of not posting on their page. Hence, make posts prior and schedule them. Let your client know that you are away on a vacation and that the work is happening and things are scheduled. Your clients won’t be calling much during vacations and you will also enjoy your short vacation.

  1. Scheduled posts for social media profiles

If you are a social media manager, you will know that engaging audience takes time and once you have started, you do not want to stop. Consistency is the key to social media success and if you stop posting for some days, you might lose the interest of your audience. Hence scheduling is the best possible solution for this.

Make sure that you set up a social media calendar and decide what content will go when. Accordingly, make posts and schedule them. Also, make sure that you go through the analytics of your page and check the best time to post. This will ensure that your posts are being uploaded and there is consistency.

Facebook easily helps in scheduling posts for the future, whereas other social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn do not have options for scheduling posts. For this, there are various tools available. HootSuite is a tool that helps in scheduling posts for all social media platforms. Sprout Social, Sendible Meet, Edgar, and Buffer are some of the other tools for scheduling posts.

We also recommend to not only schedule posts for the days your away but also for one or two days after your back because once we come back from vacations it is very tiring and takes time to come back to the same normal life.

  1. Take help

This can be one of the toughest jobs because you cannot just rely on somebody to manage your social media profiles. However, sometimes we need help. Hence, make sure that you select the right person for it and that you guide him/her before leaving. Set guidelines; tell the problems that can occur and what can be the solutions for it. Give them the content calendar and tell them exactly what to post and how to post.

If you have a big Snapchat following, you can ask someone to take over it. Make sure that the person taking over should be in the same field as you are and will keep your audience engaged. This gives your audience a new turn when you handover it to someone else for engaging them. Additionally, the person overtaking it will get to interact with a completely new audience.

  1. Recycle your content

If you do not have enough time for creating posts and posting, you can reuse your old content and keep the audience engaged while you are away. Check the post that received the most engagement and that people like and you can reuse it by doing a small change.

  1. Don’t disappear

Faultlessly you shouldn’t be touching your phone for work when on vacation. But if you are a manager or someone who controls everything, you have to be in touch with your colleagues or audience. Make sure that you call at least once a day to know if everything is fine. Book places where you will get a Wi-Fi connection so that if anything just comes up you can take 5 minutes and finish it.

Managing social media profiles is not as easy as people think it is. A small fault can change the reputation of the brand. In addition, when you are on a vacation you cannot just unplug from the world. Hence, these five tips can help you in managing your work while you enjoying the beach.

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