How KFC is using Virtual Reality to Train the Chefs

Virtual reality is the new trend that is taking place in the world of digital marketing and many have already started using it for various marketing activities. For the ones who do not know what virtual reality is, we will go through it in brief.

Virtual reality means that the person can experience, hear and see something virtually. It makes use of virtual reality handsets that help an individual to imagine a situation or environment virtually.

This person ends up being a bit of the virtual world inside this surrounding and keeping in mind that they, can control challenges or play out a movement of exercises.

It is kind of a 3D experience.

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Well, this time the famous food brand KFC have started using Virtual reality in order to train the chefs. This move gave them a lot of popularity.

Let us look at how they used virtual reality and trained the chefs.

KFC tactic to train chefs using VR

KFC has been using various and interesting marketing campaigns and is blooming in the digital world. Some of them being a line-up of Colonel Sander’s representatives and some of the others include sending the chicken sandwiches in the space.

KFC has proven that an old brand can keep up to this changing world of virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence. It has greatly merged real reality and virtual reality and has used this technology to indicate the Original recipe of KFC fried chicken.

Back then in 1940, Colonel used to make fried chicken by hand alone and now KFC has over 20,000 chefs making friend chicken by hand. The Advertising director for KFC, George Felix says that the process of making the chicken is the same, only the way of teaching and training the staff is different.

The original process of making the fried chicken is around 25-30 minutes. Well, it takes only 10 minutes in the VR video that is shown to the would-be-cooks. With the help of technology like time-lapse, the video is over in 10 minutes.

The advertising director of KFC says that the Colonel will always remain the chief in the marketing activities of KFC.

KFC has quite recently revealed a room known as the virtual escape that is utilized to prepare their staff and make them learn the preparation of the food strategy that Colonel Sanders had created more than 70 years prior and that was called the “The Hard Way”.

With the help of the virtual reality headset, the staff of KFC is shepherd through the way toward setting up the Original Fried Chicken of the KFC’s below the vigilant gaze of the Colonel. Before the staff or the future chefs of KFC leave the room for food preparation, they have to cling to a process that has five steps involved.

One of their staff says that the Colonel would be the finest person to train the would-be-cooks and it also brings in a new area for training and teaching. He also says that through the enchantment of VR innovation, they have possessed the ability to portray the Colonel in an entertaining and connecting way that engages and truly supplements their pride, preparation, training, and energy for the brand KFC.

In order to upgrade sales as well the reputation of the brand, KFCs promoting is intended. By consolidating the most recent innovation in its inward promoting system, KFC is wanting to pull in the consideration of a more youthful crowd that is from the crew’s viewpoint and furthermore from a purchaser point of view.

Because KFC winds up plainly known as a trailblazer in the fast administration nourishment space, it can convert many into new clients who are anxious to grasp and relate to ground-breaking brands even if they are older than 70 years.

The director of the Advertising at KFC says that technology and innovation should be in the administration of methodology and should not be vice versa. He exhorts different organizations that might ponder an imaginative, tech-based showcasing effort to concentrate primarily on the brand test, and after that make sense of how the technology with innovation can aid in tackling that issue.

Additionally, he suggests working with confided, learned, knowledgeable and trusted people and to will to commit a few errors en route.

Hence, virtual reality is actually giving businesses a lot of opportunities to be creative and produce engaging content with the help of technology.


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