Will Facebook need Aadhaar card for new accounts?

Aadhaar card is like an identity for any Indian, which is mandatory. The government of India took a decision of linking Aadhaar cards to various services in order to maintain a record and prevent theft. The supreme court of India has given a deadline to link Aadhaar to various services.

The deadline is 31st March 2018.

Facebook has more 200 million users and India has the most Facebook users in the US. There are many fake accounts on this worldwide famous social media platform that makes it easy to hack and track any person. Many cases have been registers because of cybercrime people do on Facebook.

Now even the most famous and widely used social media platform wants their users to name their Facebook profiles according to the Aadhaar cards.

The prompt comes as optional for the people who are already members of Facebook. However, for the ones who are new and are making a new Facebook profile, are asked to mention their names as it is on their Aadhaar cards. It says, “Using the name on your Aadhaar card makes it easier for friends to recognize you”.

It is said that Facebook does not ask for the Aadhaar details but it just asks to keep the name of the account as it is on the Aadhaar card.

Sometimes people who already have an account on Facebook are asked for their Aadhar card details or a picture when it suspects something fishy. If the Aadhar details are provided the account in unblocked or else it is being blocked.

Aadhar card might be needed for creating new Facebook account

Why did Facebook take this initiative?

This initiative is taken because of the increasing number of fake accounts that have been generated by many fake users.

Despite the fact that the Facebook incite can barely be viewed as a remark of worries over security since it isn’t requesting the Aadhaar number, that is why it has raised concerns given the reality of obligatory utilization of Aadhaar for different administrations has been contradicted by a few people.

People have been feared by this Aadhaar legacy that is going on and they do not understand that Facebook has another motive for this. The motive is related to security and cybercrimes.

Aadhaar card number was also asked the customers of Amazon by the customer service people in order to track their shipping details. They were asked for identity proof and that was the Aadhaar card number.

This step was taken because they would want to investigate whether the right person is authenticating with the customer ID.

One of their spokespeople also said that Aadhaar card is omnipresent therefore they would prefer that as a verification. Without it, also, the process of investigation continues, but with it, the process reduces.

Information protection has turned into an intriguing issue of discourse in the nation, particularly after such huge numbers of breaks have become known particularly if there should be an occurrence of Aadhaar. The security of the Aadhaar framework has been brought into question a few times.

Several occurrences have happened in the recent time. In Jharkhand, Aadhaar details of many citizens were made public and in Punjab, many Aadhaar details were published on a public website. This information should be kept confidential because it includes names, Aadhaar numbers, and bank account details and also addresses.

Taking into consideration these occurrences, everything that is identified with Aadhaar turns into an intriguing issue of discourse.

A month ago, keeping in mind the end goal to secure advanced exchanges and address information security issues, the legislature discharged a white paper on the information assurance structure.

According to the paper, a shade approach towards information assurance should be followed in India, remembering the way that individual security is a basic right constrained by sensible limitations.

However, the expectations of Facebook are different and they want to pluck out all the fake accounts that are created, which is a major danger on the online networking stage, given that it is depending on Aadhaar which is as of now involved in much debate and is raising concerns.

Additionally, we have no idea whether they are persuading users of other countries with some identification or particular reference of their local and asking them to utilize their genuine names which bring up issues on why this move in India alone and not anywhere else.

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