Viral Marketing- All one should know about the Trivago Guy


We are sure you all must have watched the Trivago commercial on television. There were many memes taking rounds about the guy featuring on Trivago commercial. How do you think this commercial has done tremendous marketing for Trivago and how is this related to Viral marketing?

Before we get to know about the Trivago guy, let us know what viral marketing is.

Viral marketing is when the content you create is meant to go viral and it helps in the marketing of your brand.

The content or message is passed on other sites and it helps in growth of the content reach and engagement. There are three types or stages of viral marketing, the messenger, the content and the environment.

Viral marketing is basically creating marketing buzz.

The elements that have contributed to this are social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. when people find something interesting they make it viral on social media platforms and that is where the marketing buzz happens.

People nowadays spend more time on social media and that increases their consumption of content and then shares on their preferred social channels.

In order to get viral, one must target the right audience and the right marketing channel. The advantages of it are cost-effectiveness, fast growth, more reach and swift lead generation.

Since you now know what viral marketing is, let us know about the Trivago guy and how it leads to viral marketing.

Who is he?

The name of the Trivago guy is Abhinav Kumar. Whenever you hear the words, “Kya apne kabhi online hotel search kiya?” will immediately bring his face in front of you.

This is what Abhinav has achieved and embraced. He has been the reason and inspiration behind all the memes that were taking rounds on social media and other platforms and man is quite the great game

Notwithstanding going so far to share images made about himself on his own records!

He isn’t only an irregular person they grabbed from the lanes.

The Indian Trivago fellow is a real representative of the organization, and actually no, an extraordinary worker.

He is the Development Head for Trivago India.

How did this guy go viral?

Like a considerable measure of things, web-based social networking has picked up a reputation for making images on pretty much everything without exception under the sun! What’s more, when the Trivago person flew up on our TV screens, everybody paid heed.

Not on the grounds that it was something breathtakingly unique or professional about the battle, however, it was Abhinav’s odd aura and ‘not all that Television amicable’ occurrence. The way he conversed improved things even more!

While a few people are significantly irritated at seeing the Trivago advertisement, he unquestionably has adherents who have the motivation to love him and that is because of Abhinav’s wearing nature and his capacity to not shock over images about himself, but rather likewise sharing the images over social media on his personal social media accounts.

Be that as it may, for what reason did Trivago pick one of their workers with no involvement in acting to include in their commercials in India?

How did Trivago use viral marketing tactic

Give us a chance to make you realize why.

Trivago is situated and based in Germany and works in more than 56 nations. They discovered this example a few years back when they revealed a video ad highlighting the now acclaimed Tim Williams. Wearing a somewhat pitiful shirt with a couple of catches fixed, Tim Williams conveyed the correct rendition of Abhinav Kumar’s Indian Trivago promotion, in English.

The Tim Williams advertisement became so famous and got so much attention that Trivago decided to use the same format in all their ads. There is some Asian, Middle Eastern and English version of Abhinav too!

Economic Times conducted an interview with Abhinav Kumar where he shares his encounters while searching for the ideal Indian substitution for Tim Williams, “We experienced considerable difficulties throwing for a reasonable model, so I was asked by our marketing head to do it. At first, I was marginally hesitant, yet at last, I am glad it got individuals inquisitive about Trivago.

We generally believe that a Mr. or then again Ms. Trivago should simply resemble one of us.

Anybody is fit for utilizing it to scan for their optimal in and who preferred to clarify the item over a normal individual?”


This is how Trivago used this strategy of featuring employees and creating a buzz about the advertisement.

There is a typical misinterpretation that viral advertising relies upon the capacity to dependably make something which will get famous and viral.

Truly, a fruitful viral marketing effort lays more on seeing how to interface with particular socioeconomics by giving them important content.

Viral advertising is a client-centered approach, so the initial step is to recognize the objective statistic for an item and what they esteem the most in items, expecting advertisers to inquire about and break down statistic information.

Do you now relate to this Trivago guy and the concept of Viral Marketing?


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