Squarespace vs. WordPress

There are various content management systems in the world. In the creation of a website, it is necessary to select a content management system. The famous ones are WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, etc. Nowadays, there are many commercials about Squarespace too and it is getting popular nowadays. Since WordPress is the most famous amongst all and Squarespace is getting in the competition now, we will provide a comparison between the two so that by the end of this article you will have a clear idea of which platform to use. But before we get into technicalities let us first know a bit about these two platforms.


WordPress was launched in the ear 2003. Majority of the websites are made of WordPress. It is said to be the most famous among all with over 60 million websites under it. It is known for the many plugins and features that it provides. We will go through this in detail later on.


Squarespace was founded in 2003 and then launched in the year 2004. This is a platform for CMS, hosting, domain name registration, commerce platform and a website builder. We will go more into detail about its features and pricing below.

Now let us compare these two systems and note down their features.

Comparison between Squarespace and WordPress

  1. User interface


WordPress is a powerful stage with a considerable measure of decisions. This platform can be utilized by apprentice level clients and also propelled level clients. WordPress can also be utilized to begin a blog or an exceptionally proficient site

There is certainly a slight expectation to learn and adapt even though it is genuinely an instinctive and simple to use platform. There are many terminologies, phrases and ideas that that one can to acquaint themselves with, for e.g. use of plugins, themes, tags, posts, and pages, etc.

For the beginners, there is a default WordPress post editor that is genuinely simple to utilize. It accompanies with a visual editor and a plain text editor for the users that are little advanced. Including intelligent substance, for example, pictures, recordings, and the sound are greatly simplified.

Regardless of the slight expectation to absorb information, most of the clients rapidly adjust to it. Nevertheless, there is still space to make the stage less difficult and less demanding for learners.


Comparatively, Squarespace does not accompany an excessive number of decisions. Nonetheless, this absence of decisions makes it extremely straightforward and simple to utilize. Indeed, even the supreme tenderfoots can rapidly compose content and distribute it.

Including pictures, recordings, and sound documents is less complex than WordPress. For the beginners who have never worked on a website, it is very easy to create pages and posts.

  1. Pricing


WordPress is a free site to build and download it with many free themes and plugins. For a website to be visible in front of people, you have to host it and pay for the hosting and the maintenance of your website. The cost will depend upon which hosting provider and plan you choose.


There are two different pricing rates for building a website on Squarespace. their personal plan is for A$16 that provides unlimited pages to create, blogs, unlimited bandwidth and allows only two contributors. They also provide 24×7 customer service and SSL security with a free custom domain that is charged annually. Websites with this plan are also mobile optimized providing powerful website metrics.

The business plan is for A$25 that provides all of the above features. Here the difference is that you can add unlimited contributors to the website. The additional features that it provides are promotional pop-ups, fully-integrated e-commerce, mobile information bar, premium blocks, and integration allows selling unlimited products and accepting donations, etc.

  1. Features and designs


The genuine energy of WordPress is its adaptability. One can easily add new features to the WordPress site like social sharing plugins, membership plugins, etc. you can make any sort of site you can envision with WordPress.

Additionally, there are a huge number of free and paid themes that you can use for your website. It has themes for any sort of site that you need to make.

It is also very easy to install and use them.


Comparatively to WordPress, Squarespace has a very restricted number of templates. Squarespace falls truly falls behind in this area.

The plugins are also very limited and one can only use the built-in ones. There is no less demanding route for you to broaden the usefulness of your site by introducing an outside plugin.

Nevertheless, again the choices are not very many and entirely restricted.

  1. The portability of data


The data portability of WordPress is very easy. One can easily transfer data from one content management system to another. There is also an option available to back up the files, themes, and plugins that you have used. The best part is that you can also change your hosting plan or provider without any damage. Their tools for transferring data are all built-in.


In case of data portability also Squarespace lacks behind. It has very restricted features for exporting. You cannot export all of your content but will only be allowed to do a few. The certain parts that can be exported are a blog post, galleries, and pages. The other parts such as videos, text, audio or product pages will be restricted to export.

  1. E-commerce


WordPress enables you to coordinate and utilize any instalment processor or stage you need. These plugins enable you to effortlessly coordinate with Bitcoin, PayPal, Payoneer, Stripe, Skrill, 2Checkout and even Google Checkout.

They provide many WordPress plugins that allow you to make an e-commerce website easier and without any haste.


Again, Squarespace has very limited options for e-commerce. Squarespace can only coordinate with Stripe that is restricted to few countries. Additionally, they allow you to use limited products for the website.


As you can see, WordPress has much more features, themes, and plugins than Squarespace. Even though Squarespace has affordable pricing plans and has their own hosting platform and domain register it still lacks behind when it comes to designs, themes, and plugins.

Squarespace can be a decent decision for little destinations that need restricted usefulness. Squarespace is additionally marginally better inconvenience when composing posts. Aside from that, WordPress outflanks Squarespace in each conceivable use situation.

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