Search engines of 2018

Search engines are software’s that are developed in order to extract information from the World Wide Web. There are many search engines but the most popular one is Google.

Whenever we have to search for anything on the Internet, We also think about Google and nothing else.

Well, there are many more search engines that are not very well know but they are the best too.

Today we will go through a list of Search Engines for the year 2018.

Before heading to the list, let us see the Importance of Search Engines.

The importance of search engines is not explainable. Without search engines there would be no search engine optimization and probably would make no sense creating a website too.

The blogs, social media accounts, and online ads would all be absent without search engines. When any business website comes on the top of search results, there automatically get more leads and website visitors.

Online ads and relevancy of websites are all that comes under it. Search engines also help customers and searchers to get the right information on the net easily.

There are three types of queries that searchers ask for and they are:

  • Information: when the user wants a particular information on a topic.
  • Transactional: when the user is about to make a purchase online or wants to buy something.
  • Navigational: when the user wants to visit some other URL and wants to get redirected.

The search engines in the history of the world were ‘Archie Search Query’, ‘The Atlantic Online’, etc.

All these search engines are unknown and are not being used now in the current world. The world has improved digitally and now search engines have become more advanced than they were back then.

Now let us look at the search engines of 2018.

Search engines one should definately use in the year 2018

  1. Google

Like mentioned before, Google is the most used and famous search engine.

It is ruling the search engines game since its launch and it is very difficult for any search engine to overcome it. Even though it does not provide with features like Yahoo and Mahalo that are famous for shopping centers and human curation respectively, it is still the largest and most used search engine.

The greatest thing about Google is that it has the power to track information deeply that people do not even realize have given. The other features that Google provides are the Google maps, images, news, videos, etc. these are also used majorly. Google maps help in locating a place and gives guidance while traveling to places by giving the right directions.

It also has many ranking factors for SEO. Read up our guide of Google’s 100 ranking factors.

  1. DuckDuckGo

The interface of this search engine is very neat and clean.

It looks like Google but it has many different features. It has many smooth features that Google might not have.

This search engines also helps in clarifying what question the searcher asks.

Most Importantly, It never tracks the location of the Person, so this is the most Important Search Engine for the ones who think of Privacy.

The interface is cleaner than that of Google and very fewer ad spams.

  1. Bing Search

This search engine is currently the second most popular search engine after Google.

It was launched by Microsoft in order to defeat Google that couldn’t be possible and may not be possible in the near future. Bing was updated in the year 2009 before which it was known as MSN search.

Bing is proclaimed as the decision search engine because it offers many suggestions that are useful. There is various search option too available on the left side of the interface that is very useful, like ‘related searches’, ‘wiki suggestions’, and ‘visual search’.

  1. Dogpile search

Before Google took over the search engines game, Dogpile was the most used and the choice for searchers. After 1990, Dogpile slowly started fading and that is when Google took over.

Well, Dogpile has again come back with a bang. It is a search engine that has a very amiable presentation, and one should try it definitely this year.

  1. Yippy search

There is something called as the deep web search engine that provides information which other search engines cannot provide. They basically search other search engines for you and it gets difficult to locate them.

Yippy is a deep web search engine that makes it unique and is very useful. In case you are looking out for information that other search engines cannot find for e.g. blogs of hobby interest, mysterious content or government information, etc. then Yippy is the best search engine for that.

  1. Google Scholar search

This search is a very special version that Google has. This search engine helps in extracting data that can help in winning debates of serious topics. The emphasis of Google Scholar is based on scientific and research studies that have been inspected by well-known scholars and scientists. Topics related to legal, academic, physics, economics, court, world politics, etc. are discussed.

Google also has information but Google Scholar has more valued information that can be discussed with highly educated people.

  1. Webopedia search

This search engine is the ultimate solution for people who are no tech savvy. Webopedia provides definitions and acts like an encyclopedia for the world of computers. It explains terminologies related to computer and technical data is a very simple and efficient way. This way it gives aid to people who are non-technical and have no sense of the computers.

  1. Yahoo search engine

Yahoo stands third in the world of search engines and popularity amongst them. it is not only a search engine but it is also an email box, a new feeder, shopping center, games and horoscope center, etc. these are the many options and choices that it gives, which makes it an extremely helpful website. Many of them have set their default search engine as Yahoo because it has everything. Search engines with many other features make it perfect for beginners.

  1. The Internet Archive Search

The Internet Archive is a most loved goal for long-lasting Web darlings. The Internet Archive search has been taking depictions of the whole World Wide Web throughout recent years, enabling you and me to make a trip back so as to perceive what a website page looked like back in the years.

You will not be able to visit the Archive every day, similar to you would Google or Yahoo or Bing, yet when you do have a need to move back in time, utilize this inquiry site.

The above are the top search engines that one should definitely use in 2018.


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