Why one should usually prioritize Traffic over Conversions

We often concentrate on conversions and lead generation more than traffic.

It is obvious that traffic leads to conversions but a lot of time, we are not satisfied with the conversion rate.

However one must realize that focusing more on traffic and investing more energy, time and effort on receiving traffic is important than giving attention to conversions.

No wonder that if any traffic is coming to your website but still are not converting, there might be some percent of conversion optimization in line.

However, for many of them, they care a lot about conversion rates and therefore spend their money on conversion rate optimization.

Almost 70% of companies give more priority to conversions and put website traffic in the second place.

But this is not the right thing to do. Obviously, our main goal should be conversions but while prioritizing we would always suggest prioritizing traffic over conversions anytime. We are very sure that you must have read hundreds of blogs on conversions being more important, but this blog will explain to you why our focus should be more on getting traffic and not conversions. Let us go through the four points that justify traffic over conversions gives the best results.

One must give priority to traffic over conversions


  1.  Conversions happen because of traffic

There is no doubt that when a visitor visits our website, that is when it is converted and also the more high-quality traffic you get, the better is the conversion rate.

Let us take an example –

If there are 100 people visiting your website, only 4 out of them will convert.

So what can you do for that?

Put your money on conversion rate optimization and pay extra money? No, that would not be the solution.

Make sure that you have a lot of traffic coming in so that people out of them can be converted.

For e.g. if there are 200 people visiting your website, eventually there will be 8 conversions.

These are just average numbers for example. But that is the rate of what researchers have calculated.

This proves that traffic is a much better investment than conversions.

Lets even take an example of focusing on conversion rates more than traffic.

If you get around 3% to 4% increase in conversion percentage than you would get 4 conversions for an exceptional work which is not very captivating.

Many of the B2B marketers have lead generation as their goal and plainly optimizing the website only for conversions makes no sense but getting traffic that influences their mind to convert is something compelling. It is said that the content on your website can play a major role in converting customers. If the content on your page makes the customers feel more close and bonded then they will convert. Hence, make sure that you focus on your content strategy also and increase conversions by making relations with your visitors. This will be a faster process than focusing on conversion rates and moving slowly.

  1. Brand awareness is what matters

When you are receiving heavy traffic, people know about your brand and there is an increase in brand awareness. If customers know about you then only they will trust and buy from you.

For e.g. if you have created content that is exceptional, and you run ads on social media channels. Many people like your content who are existing customers and the ones who are new.

Many new customers will visit your website for the first time and they will know the logo of your company, the content, the product or services you provide.

They even love the content that you provide and hence have even opted for an email list.

Now they know who you are and this brand awareness and attention are all you need.

The main objective of social media marketers is creating brand awareness so that people know you and they even talk about you to their friends and family. When many people know about you, that is when there is a marketing buzz and conversions happen.

Take yourself as an example, and imagine when you come across a brand and meet many people, you discuss where you had dinner, where you shopped, which brand had an amazing collection, etc. This influences their mind and they also come to visit you. This is how referrals work.

Additionally, engagement also plays a vital role. The main objective of many marketers is engagement. If the content pleases them, they might even comment on your blog and engage with you personally.

Hence is also proves that with the help of social media, one can generate a lot of website traffic which helps in brand awareness and eventually conversions happen.

For this, you need to produce content that should be exceptionally good so that people are attracted to your website. If done right, things will work out. At the end traffic is what matters, if there is no traffic there is no brand awareness!

  1. There is long-term advantage because of traffic

The discussion between optimizing for conversions and traffic is very theoretical.

Let us take an example of e-commerce brands.

One study reveals why most of the brands leave their shopping carts and do not check out.

The top reason is that the website asks the people to create accounts, followed by site font and lengthy checkout process.

Well, if you make the checkout process less complicated, increase the font size and drop the idea of creating accounts, you might get more conversions.

But if you think of long-term, getting website traffic can really help in conversions for the future.

When people visit your website, they go through your logo, product and services pages, advertisements, social media profiles and they get an idea of you.

The content that you have written on your website talks a lot about you and gives an image of your business.

Once that image is set in their minds, they will think about you when they have any requirement related to your product or service.

Going to the website also gives them an idea of whether they should trust you or not.

Many e-commerce conversions do not happen because they do not trust the website with providing credit card details.

Hence, trust plays a vital and important role in this. we all buy from brands that we have our trust on and that is simply human nature. Gaining trust is a long time process and it does take time and effort, but once you have gained it, there are a lot of benefits from it.

We have even found that many B2C marketers mostly focus on gaining trust and loyalty because that works for a long run. Getting website traffic won’t help you get conversions and sales right away, it will take time and in some months or years, you will receive a lot of followers. They will refer and talk about your brand that will eventually help in gaining submissive customers who know what your brand is and trust you.

It is even said that many marketers set aside 30% of their budget for creating and publishing content. Content has a long-term effect on people and that is where traffic is generated.

Every year there are many businesses that are set up and many of them fail because they give more attention to conversions rather than traffic. Receiving traffic helps in brand awareness and it also works in a very long run. Your business won’t ever fail if you keep getting traffic because as mentioned before, traffic increases conversions also over time.

  1. Traffic can help in Improving

If one has to improve then they also need to know where they are going wrong and what the problem is. One needs to recognize the problem in order to find a solution and improve on it. Web traffic plays a very vital role in understanding the where we are going wrong. If there is no traffic to the website, we won’t understand and won’t be able to test. A/B testing cannot simply happen if there is no website traffic. You even cannot test the checkout procedure and engagement on content if people are not visiting your website.

Hence, this proves that website traffic can help a business a lot to test and recapitulate the content and strategies. All that you test will only be meaningless if there are very fewer people visiting your website.

A successful conversion and content strategy only happens when you do an A/B testing. Without A/B testing many websites have failed in creating successful strategies. You need a lot of traffic, say thousands of it to research and find out meaningful studies and then improve on it to create successful strategies. The increase in conversion rate is more than 100% if you do an A/B testing and improve on drawbacks.

Everyone obviously wants their website to be fully optimized, from the home page to the blogs. All the parts of your conversion funnel should be optimized and that is what you dream off. And for this also you would need to get massive traffic so that you come up with some significant results.

One would obviously not want to test websites with low traffic and get results that are not accurate enough to judge. Testing with low traffic also wastes time, energy and efforts.

Testing becomes really important because it helps in answering many questions and detects problems that one should resolve in order to increase conversions. A successful testing strategy cannot happen without getting traffic.

We will even go through the testing process so that you do it right.

Firstly, you have to decide what conversions you have to improve and then you have to make theories on what is possible to happen. Make variations on it and then finally experiment. After experimenting, measure the results of the different variations you have made and see which the best is. You will have control over the experiment and variations. If you do not have much traffic then the results of the experiments will be like cheating and it will not be helpful. You obviously do not want to waste your time and energy is producing results that will not be helpful to you.


Summarising all of the above, traffic seems to be the most important and it can have a lot of benefits. Spending time and money on increasing conversion rates will give results but less than what increased traffic can give. Website traffic also helps in overall improving search engine ranking and also increases brand awareness. It has long-term positive effects, helps in iterating your conversion strategy, and can help in improving the business and website by testing which is only possible if there is massive traffic.

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We hope that by now you understand why traffic should be given more priority than conversion.


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