How to start with Taboola and the differences in Paid Promotion Websites

You have put all your hard work into creating and producing superb content with some infographics. Now is the time to showcase your content to the public at large. With the help of social media and other platforms like Storify and Stumble upon you can reach some influencers and get organic reach.

Sometimes we are just not satisfied with the reach of our content because of the hard work and effort we put in. so what is the alternate solution for superior promotion?  Paid promotions are the answer to it. Paid promotions are where you have to pay and promote your content to reach a larger amount of audience. Paid promotions have a lot more benefits than just the reach. It can also help in fortifying your old content.

Even though this process is a bit complicated, it is worth it all.

Hence, today we are providing a guide to paid promotions for Taboola and other websites. 

The differences in paid promotion webistes and guide to Taboola


Native advertising is a part of content marketing where there are paid promotions done to achieve some goals.

Let us look at how to use Taboola for paid promotions.

Taboola is a very famous platform for content distribution.

It gives aid to reach out a massive audience across the most famous sites around the world. It is known as the best platform for paid promotions.

With the help of this platform, you can reach out to trusted publishers and get entrance to their audience.

This way you can integrate your content in the user experience of their website. the audience on the publisher’s website consume your content normally and helps them to find something new.

But before merging and distributing content, make sure that the quality of your content is good and that it provides value and information.

Do some research on your target audience and select the right ones based on demographics and location. Distributing content to the wrong people and publishers makes no sense. Additionally, do not expect the results to come suddenly. Patience is the key.

These practices are very normal but there are some brands like buzz feed that go the additional mile for promotions

They make sure that quality content is built yet including the message of the brand. Huge investments are expected from the brand side.

This sort of paid content sponsorship is not something you will do when you’re the first beginning, however, there is one best practice that is the quality of content.

While there are native advertisements, on the side there are PPC ads also that have their own category.

Additionally, there is a huge difference between content marketing and native marketing but many people consider it as same.


Many marketers consider PPC advertisements as the best and easy way to bring websites to the top of search engines.

PPC is where you have to bid for relevant keywords and when any user clicks on the ad, the advertiser has to pay for it. This is a very common practice and it also useful in promoting content.

Google AdWords is most commonly used for PPC and search advertisements.

Here also, one needs to do some research to find relevant and low competition keywords. Find out the target audience and deliver quality content to them that will add value. The call-to-action button for the ad should also be strong enough to influence people to click on it.


Just like PPC and search advertisement, banner advertisements are worth.

Nowadays many people do not use it but it is still important. They are kind of short snippets with text or multimedia. It is usually placed at the top, left or right side of the web page.

In-line advertisements too are same as banners ads, but here the text goes along with the graphics in-line.

For banner and in-line ads too, one needs to pay attention to certain things.

Since the use of this type of advertisement is diminishing, one must ensure that the quality of content is excellent.

The target audience should be relevant and one must keep checking the effectiveness of the campaign. For some, it might work and for some, it might not.


Social media is a huge platform and has gained a lot of popularity recently.

The power of social media is unexplainable and it can help advantage a business.

Almost everyone is on social media and many of them have already started using it for promotions. It the easiest to do paid promotions on social media because it needs no setup and it also reaches a massive audience.

The first preference of marketers to do paid promotions is Social Media because more detailed targeting happens there.

When a user makes a profile on any Social Media Platform, they have to add in certain details that help in targeting them better.

Many brands have their Business Pages on Social Media and have already started with Organic Promotions; Hence, it makes it easier to do paid promotions.

Well, on social media, there are three platforms that are mostly used for paid promotions and they are Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


Facebook Paid Promotions to help in Detailed targeting and the greatest advantage is that it reaches a large number of audience on a limited budget.

There are many kinds of promotions that happen on Facebook. They have the ads to get more likes, Boost Reach for the Post, Conversions, leads, etc. The sponsored updates are Facebook posts that are boosted by paying a certain amount in your budget and then targeting the required audience.

Well, Facebook ads are completely different. With the use of Business Manager, one can run advertisements.

The ads are served on Facebook feeds as a banner. There are various options and types of Facebook ads.

One can run ads for reach, likes, leads, engagements, brand awareness, etc.

While promoting on Facebook, one must make sure that they take complete advantage of the advanced targeting options it provides. One can target the audience based on age, gender, location, demographics, behaviors, interests, etc.

Now let us look at how Twitter helps with promoting trends.


The Twitter platform is the best to find out what is trending currently.

One can fund an event or recent news of twitter and run promotions.

Running ads on Twitter is similar to Facebook ads. Here also you can target and promote ads by location and budget. In case you require some advanced options, Twitter Ads account has it. Twitter ad accounts help in detailed targeting and promote all types of content.

For paid promotions on twitter to make sure that you select the right audience and be very specific. Set a goal and create creative campaigns. Read up our complete guide to Twitter marketing.

Another famous social media platform is LinkedIn that is known for B2B marketing and is business related.


Linkedin ads are also similar to facebook and twitter. LinkedIn, as you all know, is a B2B marketing platform that focuses on business-related topics. Here you get a great opportunity to target people by their exact title and industry. Studies have even shown that LinkedIn ads provide for three times higher and conversion leads.

The only difference LinkedIn has is that one cannot just boost any post but one can to use the LinkedIn Ads Account and then choose between Sponsored InMail, Sponsored content or Test advertisements.

This is the best platform for running ads because ads reach professionals and there are more chances of conversions. make sure that you choose and target the right audience and be specific about the title, job function, and industry.

The expense for LinkedIn ads is a hit higher than other social media platforms.

Know the difference between Facebook and LinkedIn ads.

The above are the types of paid promotions one can do and use for promoting content and getting more reach and leads.



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