7 B2B brands using Instagram the way you’re supposed to

Instagram is a social media platform that is famous for posting images. It has changed its interface over time and has added many new features. You can now add stories and also stream live. One can even create a business profile on Instagram. Many businesses have received many leads from this social media platform and it has been proven very effective. Instagram is a like a diamond mine to make a connection with potential customers and businesses. Additionally, it has over 600 million active users.

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Instagram was known for B2C but nowadays businesses are even targeting B2B now and there are some brands that use Instagram in a way that you should for B2B Marketing.

These are the B2B brands that use Instagram correctly


  1. MailChimp

Content that is playful can always be a success to Instagram strategies. As all social media platforms have a different feel and people use different tone on various platforms, Instagram is known for giving a playful feeling and if your posts are fanciful, well then you are a success.

The Instagram posts of Mail Chimp are playful and fanciful which makes it a success. Providing value is the foremost thing that they consider and that is what all customers would need at the end of the day.

  1. HubSpot

Hub Spot is known for providing their audience content that is rich and valuable. Mostly all their Instagram posts are about things that can be useful and that provides usefulness. For e.g. one of their posts spoke about company policies that provide great work and life balance.

The best part about this is that it does not only target their products and services but also go beyond it and gives a sense of personalization.

  1. Hootsuite

HootSuite is a service that helps in social media marketing. it helps in scheduling posts for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. this being their main business niche, they do not post must about it but rather post about their employees and the work culture that they have. Majority of their Instagram posts are about the employees having fun, bonding over lunch, playing ping-pong, etc. First impressions do play an important part and looking at the work environment can really change perspectives.

  1. IBM

IBM blends their products and news very effectively and this interests the audience. It shows events that their target audience would be interested in and then they show how their products or services have been used in such events. Some of their posts are very effective because they show a different and interesting perspective, for e.g. one of their pictures showed a game going on in the background and at the same time a person using their technology on the phone. They try to show how people are leveraging their technology at different places.

  1. General Electric

General Electric is a brand that is very old and it does a great job of engaging the audience with the story-telling concept. General Electric deals with aviation, defence and other technologies that are little complicated. Such brands find it hard to communicate and engage the audience because people find it boring. Thus, you need interesting marketers that make a brand interesting even though their products are boring. Even if the products are boring, the story can make it interesting and you might also be very tempted to write about its features, but that always doesn’t win.

  1. IBM again

We are mentioning IBM again because it uses one more angle to engage B2B customers on Instagram. They take great advantage of their rich history. Since IBM is a brand that has a very long history, it educates about it to their audience. The reason behind this is that businesses always look out for credibility and for a rich experience. If you have a great history with very good experience, businesses would obviously choose you over anyone else. This also provides a sense of personalization by informing customers about the company’s history.

  1. Shopify

The key success of Shopify’s Instagram account is the consistency that they have kept. The posts that they upload are black and white pictures in the background with bold text over it and talking about successful entrepreneurs. One more smart thing that they did was using faces of people. The study reveals that pictures with faces receive 40% more likes. They have posts that are a combination of a great design and value with consistency.


To put it all together, Instagram can actually provide a great opportunity for businesses to promote themselves and their products or services. Many B2B brands ignore this platform because they assume that this platform is not good for B2B, but this platform is where the opportunity lies. Hence, make the most use of it and build an awesome online presence with valuable content from the above inspirations.


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