What can Celebrities teach Companies about Social Media?

Digital marketing strategies have not only been used by businesses, but it has been more widely used by politicians and celebrities. Celebrities already have a huge fan base and their social media accounts have huge engagement.

People love to know more about their personal life and therefore they receive a lot of followers. Well, having a huge fan base with many followers does not end the job there, content needs to be updated so that they get more followers.

Additionally taking care of content and engaging with the fans is also a task. This huge following also helps them in promoting their films to a large number of audience.

It is said that celebrity profiles have the most followers than any other business or organization. They do teach us a lot about social media marketing. Engaging the audience and entertaining them is the best part of social media marketing.

Some of the top celebrities with the most followers are Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra, Alia Bhatt, Selena Gomez, Ariana, Grande, Rihanna, Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, etc.

The recent statistics in October 2017, showed that on Instagram Selena Gomez had the highest followers, followed by Ariana, Ronaldo, and Beyoncé.

Graph showing which celebrity has the most followers on Instagram


Now let us see how they engage the audience and teach us social media marketing.


How celebrities leverage social media and what should we learn from it?


  1. Being different on all platforms.

Celebrities master the art of being unique to each social media platform. The best example for this would be Rihanna who has real bold images on Instagram and shaky playful images in Snapchat. Even the glamorous Deepika Padukone has a different kind of vibe on Instagram and Facebook.

This is what brands should learn. The vibe, features, and themes of each social media site are different, therefore one should make sure that they upload posts and content depending on the platform. There are some posts that will best work on Twitter, whereas there are some that will not work on Twitter. For e.g. celebrities give birthday wishes to other celebrities on Twitter, but they do not do the same on Facebook.

  1. Post often and do not disappear

The biggest mistake that brands do it disappearing in the middle. Celebrity profile has never taken a gap in posting. It will be a very rare case where the celebrity hasn’t posted for 3-4 days.

This teaches us that you need to be active and post often in order to engage the audience. This not only builds brand awareness and reach but also prevents your audience to unfollow you. Just as posting too much is bad, posting very less is also bad.

The best example for this is Kim Kardashian. She keeps posting on Instagram with very engaging pictures, which interests her followers and they keep engaging with her post.

It is said that celebrities post 3 times more than brands do. In addition, this is not just related to posting, the quality of your posts should also be good. Just because you have to post every day that does not mean you will upload anything random. Hence, make sure that there is good quality content that people will actually like. There is a lot of competition out there and you have to be good.

  1. Giving a personal touch and engaging personally

Many celebrities engage personally with their followers. They sometimes reply to their comments or just appreciate it. This is a great way to make your fans and followers happy. Maybe for the celebrities its nothing but for the person, it means a lot. Celebrities like Taylor Swift engage with her audience personally.

For this matter, Vin Diesel also posts a lot of his friends and family. This is the reason he also has a lot of followers and engagement on social media.

Vin Diesel post for his best friend Late Paul Walker

This is the same with brands. Engaging with customers personally will only help in improving more and keeping them happy. The main goal of any organization would be customer satisfaction.

  1. Don’t be overly promotional

Well, there are many rumors that go round related to celebrities. Some can be ignored and some just need an answer. Celebrities quite well know how to handle gossip and rumors. The best example for this is Beyoncé. It was rumored that she and her husband had split up. For many days, this was doing rounds on the internet until Beyoncé just posted a cute picture of her husband. All the rumors about the split stopped right there.

Beyonce's post which shut all the rumours of her divorse with husband

This proves that you do not need an explanation for each thing that is not right; just prove it to your audience.


We may have never thought that celebrities would teach us about social media marketing. Many brands have social media profiles on Facebook, Instagram, etc. but they do not gain any positive result from it because they do not do it right. The key to receiving positive results from social media is understanding your audience and engaging them accordingly. The power of social media is tremendous and can highly influence your audience if done right.


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