How to use Gleam giveaway on Facebook

Facebook being the most used social media platform with more than 2 million users is a great platform for marketing and promoting business. It has actually become mandatory for all the businesses to have a presence on social media and especially Facebook. Facebook allows businesses to make a business page where they can post and market their products and services. Additionally, it offers various types to upload. Images, videos, carousels, slide shows, and many more. Now even live photos work on Facebook. Read up our guide on how to create live photos.

Facebook allows plugins to create other types of posts too, for e.g. Giveaway contests. Giveaway contests have great benefits and are the best option for engaging the audience. We have written a blog on 15 steps for creating social media giveaways.

Today let us see how to use Gleam giveaway on Facebook.

Before going through the steps, let us tell you what Gleam is.

Gleam is an app and rather a platform that helps in running social media giveaway contests. It has a lot of features and is user-friendly too. It is one of the fastest growing contest platforms.

Competitions can be help on Facebook also but because of Gleam’s user-friendliness, it makes it easy to carry contests. You either can use the Gleam app for running a contest or can run a campaign. However, a combination of both can make it a success.

Let us first see how Facebook giveaway contests actually work and what are the advantages of it.

  • With using Gleam, you can take note of the name, email id, profile URL, etc. from the participants.
  • Using an app for contests are usually mobile friendly whereas Facebook tabs are not.
  • The participants or users can also finish Twitter or Instagram related actions.
  • There is also an option of running the contest on the domain name or URL of your own.
  • The data on the app is streamlined, therefore, choosing a winner becomes very easy.
  • In order to advertise the campaign, you can even use your own advertising channels.
  • You will also have full control of the messages and signup flow.
  • Reporting and analyzing is more in-depth and granular.

There are specific rules for the app that needs to be considered. The following are the rules:

  • In case you are using the Facebook API, you cannot motivate anything than, to log in the app, on the page enter the promotion and check in at some place.
  • The above signifies that one cannot ask the participants to join any group, share any post, like, comment or share the post or page, etc.
  • Alternatively, Gleam provides other options like view any Facebook post, visit a profile, check-in to your business, etc.
  • There are some Facebook guidelines also if you plan on to run a contest using Facebook only. Facebook does not approve to share any post or tag any friends in the post. It allows liking on the page or post and commenting on the post.

The only drawback of running the contest on the Facebook page is that there are no specific tools that help in deciding the winner. Whereas, Gleam has all analytic tools which make it the best and you can also ask the participants to do all of it on Facebook.

Let us now go through the steps of creating Facebook contests or competitions. But first, you will need to create the competition.

How to make the competition?

You will need to build a site and add it. This helps in segregation of data and easy navigations.

To create the new competition you will have to steer to the website that you want to utilize and then select the competitions tabs that are placed on the left. You will find a New Competition button placed on the top right.

How to use Gleam Giveaway on Facebook

  1. The setup

As soon as you create a new competition, you will be taken to a setup page. You will have to fill in your details on the setup form. The form consists of five pages viz. Set up, User details, how to enter, prize, and post entry. The various terms on the setup page might be hard to understand. We will guide you through it.

  • Competition name

You will have to decide a name for the competition that will help you identify. Make sure that you decide a name that best suits your competition because this will also be the URL for the landing page and this name will also be public for people to know.

  • Start and the end date

The time that you have decided for your competition has to be added here. The start and the end date needs to be mentioned. You also later on even change the dates.

  • Terms and conditions

If you have specific terms and conditions that the participants need to know, you can add that in this section. One can use basic HTML format it and can also add links, line breakers, formats, etc.

There are many more terms like Hide X ways to enter, which means you can hide any part of the widget. Hide total entry count, event mode, fraud filter, captcha, allowed locations, supported languages, widget text overrides, are some of the other options on this form. They are very easy to understand and can go through it.

  1. User profile

After the first step is done, a user profile form pops up. This form consists of personal details of the user. It is necessary to get the personal details of the participant in order to contact them when they win. Details like name, email id, and date of birth can be added. You can customize and add tabs of what details you need from the participants.

The User Profil form of Gleam

The users will need to log in before entering the competition.

You can select a way to log in. Either a single login through Facebook or multiple login options of Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr or Email id. You can even say that share the post or like the post to enter the competition or even ask participants to opt-in to special subscriptions or promotional emails. Like that, you can use various ways to log in.

Ways to login on Gleam

  1. How to enter

Gleam offers a variety of options to enter the competition. Some of the various options that Gleam provides is App download, Custom, Bonus, etc. if you want, you can add some mandatory actions that unlocks all the other non-mandatory actions. You can also set an entry interval of daily, single, hourly, unlimited.

  1. Prize

Once you have followed all of the steps above, you have to decide the details about the prize.  Add the number of winners you have decided and add that number. You can set up how you want to inform the participants about the prize. If you have a free plan; only text can be added. If you have upgraded your account, you will get a variety of options and you will also be able to add images and videos.

For this also you can have a lot of varieties like Name+Image+Description, Image+Description, Name+Image, etc. videos are also a very attractive way to show prizes.

  1. Post Entry

It is essential for the participants to know that their entries have been received. Hence, a message or an email needs to be sent once the entry is received. Gleam has a default notification email. You can even send customized emails or redirect to some other site.


Here are some ideas that you can use for your Facebook contests.

  1. You can embed the campaign on your own website and take complete charge of it. This type of campaign helps in increasing traffic and the participants will go to your website. Additionally, you get all the details of the participant and can also ask the participants to complete actions not related to Facebook.
  2. You can also add the campaign to your Facebook business page tab. Gleam offers an instant process for installing the app on Facebook. This has great benefits because the participants would not need to leave the Facebook app that makes it easier for them.

The above are the steps for creating a Gleam Facebook competition. Make the most of it and engage your people in a creative way.


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