How to post live photos on Facebook

Facebook has been the best social media platform for marketing a business online. It is known to be the best and most used social media platform followed by Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Businesses have now shifted from regular traditional marketing to online marketing and especially social media marketing.

When it comes to posting content on Facebook, the types of post and the ways of posting have also changed a lot. People and marketers have gone way ahead of normal images and videos. Additionally, Facebook offers a variety of options to post. Images, videos, slideshows, carousels, canvas, etc. are some of the types of post that one can use to upload content.

Live images are something that we have seen on phone wallpapers and desktops. Do you know we can use live photos on Facebook too? Facebook has yet not given an option for posting live photos directly, but there are many apps that help create live photos and works on Facebook.

Today we are going to go through steps on how to create live photos for Facebook and various ways businesses can use them for their social media strategy.

If you do not know what a press and hold or live image post are, click on the link below. This is basically a post made by us to display our new logo and identity.

Press the fingerprint below to unveil our new logo. Video courtesy: #newlogo #newidentity #digitalmarketing

Posted by – Digital Marketing Agency on Friday, 8 December 2017

Before you go through this tutorial, let us tell you that press and hold images only work on mobile phones and on the Facebook app.

This kind of post is not only unique but they also perform great in terms of reach and engagement since people have to press and hold in order to see what is there. You will see another level engagement on these types of post.

Now let us dive into the process of creating it.

Live photos on Facebook: A complete guide


  1. Requirements

Unfortunately, press and hold posts can only be created on iOS devices that have iOS 9.0 or higher. You would need an app called intoLive for making the post live.

  1. Objective

You need to be clear on your objective for the post. What kind of post do you need? For e.g. we had used this for showing our new logo (given link above). You can use this for various purposes like questions and answers inside, before and after posts, share information that appears after you press and hold, small slideshows, etc. choose your objective and go ahead.

  1. Cover image and inside post

You would need an image that would be the face of your press and hold a post. Once people press on that the image or video will be visible. Hence, you have to create a cover image.

Now you need to make a video or image that you want to reveal. The intoLive free app allows videos up to 5 seconds, whereas if you have a premium account you can use up to 30-second videos. Once you have these two ready, we can go ahead with creating the live image on the app

  1. Install intoLive app

The app store has this app and it is free of cost. Like mentioned before the free version allows 5 seconds inside videos and it only allows to add the cover image thrice. You have to buy the app for Rs.250 in order to be a premium account holder. The premium account holder gets to add 30-second videos and add a cover image as many times as he/she wants.

  1. Start creating it

The interface of the app is very user-friendly. First, you have to select the particular video or image that will be on the inside. Later you have to select the cover image on which people will press and hold. Keep the inside image/video and cover image ready in your camera roll so that it can access your photos and videos. Once your live post is ready, you will get an option of saving it in your camera roll. Yes, that is how easy it is to create it through the app.

  1. Posting it on Facebook

You will need to have a Facebook app to upload it. Again, only iOS phones can upload live posts.

Select the images tab and use the live image that you just saved in your camera roll. Once you select the image, press Done. After that on the right bottom of your post, you will see an option of live. Enable the live button and post it. Look at the screenshot below for reference.

You will need to wait for 2-3 minutes for the post to become live. After that, you can check and see how it works.

Once the post is uploaded, anyone can see from their phones. Even android phones can check the live post.

Remember you cannot post it on the pages manager app, the only regular Facebook app can be used for this.



This is how easy it is to create live images. There are various apps that are used to create live images and post, but most of them do not work on the Facebook app.

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Go ahead and make live images to increase reach and engagement!


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