How the Hotel industry should use Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is surely taking over traditional marketing. It has become very easy to the promote businesses online and reach a large number of people instead of using traditional marketing. Additionally, digital marketing is said to be the most cost-effective way for promotion, whereas traditional marketing is very expensive.

Not only small business and entertainment industries but also hotel industries should be using digital marketing to gain more visitors and customers. If you are in the hotel industry, would you like to know why and how digital marketing would be the best choice ever?

Digital marketing consists of website development, search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, pay per click, etc.

Let us now dive into how the hotel industry should use a digital marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing strategy for Hotel Industry

  1. Making of a website

For any business, building and developing a website becomes important. It is like an online brochure for people to show who you are. Similarly, for hotels should build a website so that people will come to know better who you are. Additionally, having a website has a lot of benefits. One can even make reservations online.

Staggering photographs and recordings, exquisite outline, sparkling surveys and refreshed portrayals of your hotel. These are qualities of awesome website composition for hotels.

Your website will reflect how the vacation is going to be. Hence, make sure that you put good updated pictures or else do not expect them to come back. Even though your hotel looks like a five star and has awesome plans and view, it won’t be beneficial if your website is bad or if you do not have a website for that matter.

Your website design should look great and should have the right mobile number and address.

You must also step into the customer’s shoes and go through your website. Is it easy to navigate through all your pages? Is the booking process easy? Ask yourself these questions and solve them if there is any problem.

  1. Website audit and competitors

It is very important to check if your website is fully optimized. This process is before you start SEO. It is important to know if your pages have been crawled and ranked so that it is easier for people to see you. Make a complete website audit and check for faults and what needs to be improved.

Keeping an eye on competitors is also essential. Make a list of keywords that they rank for so that you can get an idea of keywords. You can also check how their website design is and what their unique selling proposition is. Make sure that you do not copy what they are doing. Just be unique and understand where you stand in the competition.

  1. Using search engine optimization process

SEO is a process of website ranking higher on the search engine results page. Like mentioned earlier you should audit your website, check faults and make improvement in it. SEO consists of off-page and on-page. For on-page SEO check your website’s content, title description, Meta tags, images, etc. Ensure that your website is fully optimized.

Off-page SEO consists of creating backlinks, image submissions, blogging, commenting, etc. read up our guide on off-page SEO for more information.

Since hotels or resorts are located at a specific place, one can also use Local SEO strategies. Local SEO has proven to receive website traffic and inquiries. Additionally, Google will put you on the top of local search results if you follow the right steps. Know more about Local SEO here.

  1. Use of social media strategy

The power of social media unexplainable. Especially for hotel industries, it is a great platform for displaying hotel, food and scenery images. Some of the best social media platforms for hotel industries would be Facebook and Instagram. On Instagram, images trend and receive a lot of attention. Hence, one can upload high-quality images of hotel food, the scenery around the hotel, etc.

Images, videos are things that influence people more than text and social media does total justice to this. Additionally, Social media has also proven to be the best medium for website traffic. Therefore, take full advantage of social media platforms and start posting to receive booking inquiries and website visitors.

When people visit hotels, resorts, and have a good time, they usually post the pictures on social media. Ask them to tag your Facebook business page so that you get more followers and inquiries from social media. This is the best part about having a business page on Facebook and Instagram.

One can build awesome customer relationships and ask them for their feedback so that you can improve more.

  1. Content

Content is the grandfather of digital marketing and can take your hotel or resort industry to places. If you have a story to tell about your hotel industry that would fascinate your customers and the potential ones, build a strategy and make full use of it. Writing blogs about your hotel would also be the best decision. Blogs can be written about the start of your hotel industry, a promotional package, about the food in your hotel, etc. Make content your tool for promoting your hotel industry in the best way possible. Check out our blog on content marketing hacks


Pay Per Click (PPC) can also be used as a digital marketing strategy. In case you are finding it difficult to rank in search results and are not getting many leads, PPC can help you with it.

Digital marketing has always proven to be successful for many businesses. So what are you waiting for?


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