How Digital Marketing Played an Imperative role in Narendra Modi’s Historic Win [CASE STUDY]

Digital marketing has taken over traditional marketing now. We do not encounter rallies, brochures, and other traditional marketing campaigns nowadays. With a rise in the use of the internet, almost everyone is on social media or other digital platforms. Especially the use of social media has only been rising day by day. People are now addicted to using the internet and social media and cannot imagine a day without it. That is the world we all are living in right now. It is dominated by the internet, mobile phones, and social media. Know more about the power of social media.

Not just businesses are choosing digital marketing for promotions and sales but also politicians have added digital marketing to their marketing strategies.

One of the best examples is the historic win of current Honourable Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi. He and his team have been using social media and other digital channels rigorously for promotions. He is truly is a tech geek and has made whole of India aware of Digital media. Digital media helped the Prime Minister to reach a large audience easily. He is known to be the first Prime Minister to use digital media in general elections.  His team did a great job in utilizing all the social media platforms in the best way and engaged the audience. The content on the social media channels felt like Narendra Modi himself was talking.

Before getting the title of Prime Minister, Narendra Modi was the chief minister of Gujarat. He was active on Twitter and YouTube channels. Back then also he had a lot of followers and video engagement. Later on, he made the Facebook profile official.

It is a fact that Modi has a number of videos and followers that Former United States President Barack Obama had.

Narendra Modi has been a very strong influence online and provides value to his audience.

Some facts about his current social media followers

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has 38.20 million followers on Twitter. On Facebook, he has 43,118,781 page likes and on his YouTube channel, he has 767,463 subscribers. Isn’t that a great number?

How did Modi use Digital Media for his historic win?


Today let us see how digital media helped Prime Minister Narendra Modi to win the 2014 elections.

Narendra Modi and his team were very active on social media since 2009, but after he was elected as Prime Ministerial candidate, increase in the use of digital media was seen.

  • There were around 800 million people voting that year and Modi made sure that he reaches everyone using digital media. Even the lower income groups and the farmers were targeted. His Facebook page ‘Chai Pe Charcha’ got a lot of likes and followers because it initiated live interaction.

Narendra Modi's facebook page 'Chai pe Charcha'

  • They also created a voter base website that was named
  • Again on Facebook, there was a page called ‘I support Narendra Modi’ that has become very famous and trending among people. It had 8 million likes pre-elections and now it has 14 million likes.

A facebook page named 'I support Narendra Modi'

  • This statistics and support from many people generated more enthusiasm in his army. His competitors could see that Modi is getting a huge response from digital media.
  • There were some unforgettable slogans that were created for his campaigns. Some well-known advertisers created slogans like ‘Abki Baar Modi Sarkar’, ‘Ache din ayenge’, ‘ Janta Maaf Nahi karegi’, etc. these three were the most popular ones and was used by a large number of people. Many posts and memes were generated with these slogans went viral. BJP even used ‘Abki Baar Modi Sarkar’ as their tagline.

Different slogans used for his campaign

  • One more slogan that went viral on their Facebook page ‘I support Narendra Modi’ was ‘har har Modi Ghar Ghar Modi’.
  • The best thing that Narendra Modi did was to make the people of India aware of their voting rights with the help of digital campaigns.
  • Because he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat, he made sure that all the developments done in Gujarat by him were shown to the people of India through social media.
  • He not only posted interesting things but also replied to some comments and tweets.


This was one of the most influential campaigns ever done in general elections.

All the hashtags that were used related to BJP and Narendra Modi were on the trending list until the results were declared.

Currently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is active on all social media accounts and especially on Twitter. He even replies to certain comments and retweets. His posts also help educate a many.

Many colleges and institutions have taken Narendra Modi’s digital campaign as a case study for their students because this shows the power digital media and social media has. It doesn’t only help in reaching a large audience but also helps in awareness.

Narendra Modi and his team did an outstanding job in maintaining consistency and engaging the people because of which he is currently the Prime Minister of India.


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