Why Businesses should use WhatsApp for Business

With the introduction of new technologies coming day by day, businesses are changing the way they communicate with their audience and potential customers. An increasing use of mobile phones is also changing the way brands are communicating with people. Communication with customers has become very easy and convenient. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. are already doing their very best in marketing businesses. Communication with customers on these platforms also becomes very convenient.

To add more, WhatsApp is now used to communicate with customers. WhatsApp is always known for personal communication, but because of its popularity and reach, businesses have started communicating with it and have even started to implement it in their marketing strategies.

Let us know some facts about WhatsApp. This great communication app was launched in 2009 and ever since that, it is constantly attracting people. Currently, it has more than 1.3 billion monthly active users. It is also known to be the 2nd most used messaging app.

This messaging tool surely has a good amount of reach and users, then why not use it for business?

Well, for businesses WhatsApp has officially announced the launch of WHATSAPP FOR BUSINESS. This is exclusively made for businesses to interact and communicate with other businesses and customers.

What is the difference between WhatsApp and WhatsApp for business?

How businesses will benefit from WhatsApp for Business

  • Logo

The logo of WhatsApp for business is slightly different than the original WhatsApp logo. Both the logos are similar but the only difference is that the original WhatsApp logo has a phone icon in the middle, whereas WhatsApp for business has a B in the middle of the chat box. One can simply differentiate the logo and not get confused between the two.

  • Usage of landline numbers

Yes, the new WhatsApp for business allows users to register landline numbers unlike the original WhatsApp that only allows mobile numbers to be registered. When you are registering, you can also mention the type of your business.

  • Automated messages

WhatsApp for business has a feature of automated messages. If you are not available or if you are offline, WhatsApp will automatically send a message. You can set a message and keep so when you are not available, it will directly be sent to the person opposite. It is just like Live Chats and how it sends automated messages when the visitor visits the website in the absence of the admin.

  • Verification sign

WhatsApp for business verifies a business account and provides with an official sign. A green tick appears beside the business name. This allows users to identify official business accounts. Because of this WhatsApp for business can prevent from users making fake accounts.

  • Analytics

Any business account needs analytics for understanding how business is working. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. have proper analytics for the number of people reached, commented, liked, shared, etc. the same way WhatsApp for business has a feature of message statistics that show the number of messages sent and received. This way you can measure how the app is working well for your business.

Since now you know the difference between the two, let us now look at how WhatsApp for business can be beneficial for your business.


  1. Increased promotions

Marketers are always on a lookout for new platforms to promote their content, products or services. Hence, on WhatsApp for business, you can send your customer’s offers, new item discharges, promo codes and a lot more. Take full advantage of sending messages that are one on one and ensure that it is justified and not annoying. Nevertheless, be cautious that you do not try too hard with offers each day. This may very well influence them to block you. Promotions that are really relevant to them according to your research could work ponders for you.

  1. To send tracking and transactional messages

A business can use this messaging platform for sending transactional messages. For example, if someone makes a purchase online, you can send them a WhatsApp text about their transaction. An e-commerce brand can send tracking status to their customers. One can even send tickets on WhatsApp. A great example for this is Book My Show. Book My Show legit send tickets to people who have booked online.

Additionally, make sure that you give them an option for stopping the messages service. Just like SMS marketing, WhatsApp messages should also provide a way for users who do not wish to receive messages.

  1. Customer support

Having a disappointed client is obviously not good, however having one who has no legitimate place to grumble can turn into a failure. They may turn to posting via social media about their experience bringing about negative attention for you. In any case, utilizing a trusted stage like WhatsApp where they can connect with you actually can assist enhance your association with them

Also having a conversation one on one will make them buy more products or services from you. A satisfied customer is all that a business needs besides sales.

  1. Reviews and ratings

WhatsApp for business a great place to interact with customers and also to receive feedback. If your messages are actually helping customers then do not hesitate to ask them to take their time out and rate you.

You can get your clients to survey your product or service. Give them connections or choices to answer to a review. Give them inventive approaches to give reviews and they will really collaborate with you.


WhatsApp for business definitely has a lot of advantages and can be effective for your business to grow. Make sure that you take good advantage of this and do not abuse it by spamming your audience with messages and promotions.

With Social Media Marketing rising, make use of WhatsApp for business in your marketing strategy.


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