Tips for ranking in Google’s featured snippets

Ranking on Google is a tough job and one has to know all its features and ranking factors in order to rank on it. Many of you might not be aware that Google keeps on changing its features and factors. Check out our blog on Google’s ranking factors.

The featured snippet is a feature that was introduced by Google some years back.

Today we will go through what featured snippets are and tips to rank on it.

So what are featured snippets on Google?

A featured snippet is shown on the top of Google’s search results and gives a brief for an answer to a user’s question. This brief summary is taken from the web pages and it also includes titles and page URL in the bottom end.

Featured snippets come in three types. The following are the types of featured snippets.

  • Paragraph- comes in the form of a paragraph
  • Lists- it gives answers in form of bullet points and lists
  • Table-the answer is in the table format related to your query

There are various benefits of featured snippets. Let us look at some benefits in brief.

  1. Increase in authority

By getting a featured snippet you demonstrate that Google picked your page over others as the most valuable one to clients’ applicable inquiries.

  1. Beating the opposition

At the point when Google picks your site to be the fast response to a particular inquiry, the outcome is shown over the natural outcomes, which implies that you beat the opposition, including a site that may rank on first for the specific search result.

  1. Rise in website traffic

People with a query love featured snippets because it offers quick answers to a search query and gives a small summary of it. Featured snippets include page titles and URL’s as well, therefore, this can increase in 20%-30% increase in website visitors.

Featured snippets also depend on the type of business you are or the kind of answers you are providing. According to research most of the featured snippets come for recipes, best, v/s, make, definition, etc. searches related to shopping, images, and local things do not come in featured snippets. For local queries, a business page is displayed and SEO for that is called Local SEO.

You know in detail what featured snippets are, now we will go through tips to rank for featured snippets.

Some tips for ranking in Google featured snippet

  1. Write answers or definitions in one paragraph

So how do you think google picks the answers? It looks out for paragraphs that exactly has the answer. Therefore, whenever you write any content, make sure you include the correct answer in a paragraph or make bullet points to it. Google usually takes content from the first paragraph of the page or somewhere from the top of the page.

  1. Find tools for featured snippets

There are many tools like SEMrush or Google itself that can be used to find featured snippets. It has features and analytic reports that show which featured snippets you have earned or your competitors have earned. Once you find out your competitors earnings for featured snippets, you can use the exact same topics for your content too.

  1. Backlinks and rankings

Keeping in mind the end goal to be qualified to appear in featured snippers you have to rank on the first page of the search engine results page, yet not really in the best position. This additionally suggests keeping in mind the end goal to get high rankings you need strong backlinks.

On the off chance that you attempt diverse questions, you will see that Google may demonstrate an included bit from a page that positions on position 3 or 4 and not generally from the page that shows in position 1.

Additionally, it would appear that Google could remunerate a solitary page with an included piece paying little respect to the area expert.

  1. Discover snippet opportunities

Outstanding amongst other approaches to discover pieces that you can upgrade content for is to think like your group of onlookers.

What questions are individuals really endeavoring to discover answers for?

For example, place yourself in the shoes of somebody who is new to advertising and may not see some normal terms.

There is a mess of terms and acronyms in the promoting scene that can threaten and confounding to individuals who are not comfortable with them.

You can type some query and check out answers from your competitors. You might get some idea of it and can move further.

  1. Answer the public

This tool gives a whole new insight into a particular topic. When you type a keyword it gives many questions related to that particular keyword. You can pick anyone question and provide an answer for it. Make sure that you do a good keyword research before you actually start with it. Choose a keyword and question that is SEO friendly.

  1. Structure of your page

The structure of your page does matter when it comes to featured snippets and also for SEO. This process should be included in your on-page SEO practices. Make sure your titles, H1, H2 tags, and paragraphs are properly structured so that Google can index your pages faster, find and read your content so that it can be included in featured snippets.

  1. Check ‘People also ask’

One of the approaches to build your odds of getting featured snippets is by giving direct responses to questions individuals ask on Google. To be more exact, when you write an inquiry on Google, for instance, “what is off-page SEO” and you look down the page you will see an area called ‘People Also Ask’. The answers to these questions are perfect to get on featured snippets.


Firstly, it is important that you rank your website on the top and featured snippets usually consider same factors for ranking.

Choose a wise SEO agency to get on the top of featured snippets and also on search engine results page.


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