Why Live Chat is useful in conversions for E-Commerce/Business Websites

For any business or e-commerce website, the main goal is increasing sales and converting people into customers after they visit the website. How do you think this can be possible?

It is said that a good customer support is one of the best ways to guide potential customers and make them buy the product. When you have a shop or a place where people can come and visit you, a person can guide the customer through various products and help them with what they need. How do you think this can be possible when you are an e-commerce website or if your business is online? Well, an easy solution for this is LIVE CHATS.

So what are live chats?

A live chat support is a tool that can be used to communicate with the customers. A representative can interact with the customer who is online or has any query via text messages on the interface. The motive of having live chat is to give a good customer support or answer queries from the customers.

The expectations of the people are changing when it comes to support. Customers are impatient and they prefer not to wait for 24hrs to get a reply via email. They even avoid phone calls because of the numerical process and also most of the time calls not being answered. If emails and phone calls are not answered, customers tend to give negative feedback and spread all over social media. This is where live chat comes into the picture

How can live chats be useful for conversions in e-commerce and businesses


Let us look at some key benefits of live chats

  • Better customer service

As mentioned before live chats are the best tool for providing great customer service. Any query can be answered online on the spot. This increases brand image and reputation. Customer loyalty also increased because customers are happy with the quick service. A major goal of any business would be to keep customers happy so that they come back and even recommend it to others.  The satisfaction level of customers is said to be high with live chats as compared to emails and phone calls.

  • Builds long-term relationships

A good customer service will only bring the customer back because they feel they are taken care of. Studies show that customers tend to change their preferences mostly because of bad customer support. Hence, a good customer service will keep the customers happy and build a long-term relationship with your brand. Social media is another thing that helps build long-term relationships.

  • Cost efficient

Live chats help in saving the cost of phone calls and also saves employee time. Usually, customer service on phone calls are toll-free for customers, hence the cost is in the company. This cost can be avoided or will be reduced because of live chats. Email marketing is also proven to be cost-efficient.

Additionally, less number of people will be needed to handle customer service that in turn decreases employee costs.

How can live chats be useful in increasing conversion rates?

Many of you might be confused on what role does live chats play to convert a particular visitor. Well, let us take an example. If you are looking out to buy a product online and you have some query, would you prefer to wait 24 hours for an email reply or call a customer service and go through the numerical maze? Neither of them right? The thoughts of emails and phone calls are terrifying because it is a long process and takes time.

With live chats, all of these problems come to an end. Let us see how.

  • When someone has a query, he/she can ask on live chat and get an instant answer from the representative. Also, it depends on the working timings. One cannot ask a query in the middle of the night and expect an answer immediately unless it has 24/7 service.
  • With all the points mentioned above; better customer service, long-term relationships, and cost-efficient, people will keep buying products or take services from you.
  • When a customer wants to buy a product and has a query, he/she will ask on live chats, get instant reply and will most likely buy the product. The issue is solved within minutes. People are lazy to email or even call customer support and they will most likely even forget about buying the product. Therefore, live chats will help them or influence them to buy the product.
  • When a real person is texting and solving issues, it adds confidence and customers spend more which in turn only increases sales.


Before setting up live chats on your website interface, it is important to keep some tips in mind to improve efficiency.

  • Live chats can only be useful if the representative is trained properly and communicate well. Make sure that you train your representatives and that they have knowledge about all your products or service so that they can successfully answer the queries.
  • The experience of live chats will decrease if you act too robotic. Make conversations with humans and not robots. Add a sense of personalization to make them feel more comfortable and give the best experience.
  • Make sure you track what problems customers are facing the most and improve it. One can learn a lot from customer problems.
  • Ensure that you track the time when customers will most likely visit your website. 9-5 always does not work.
  • After the query has been solved and the customer is happy, you can ask them to like your social media pages or give feedback on customer service.
  • If in case no one is available for answering queries, make sure your live chats have a feature of automatically sending a message that the representative is not available and will be back shortly.

Live chats are become essential for businesses and especially for e-commerce websites. All of this only adds up to increase conversion rates and sales. Make sure that you implement live chats today!


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