How to determine if a Page is “Low Quality” in Google’s Eyes

No one has never been able to understand Google completely. It has many ranking factors, algorithms and their features keep on changing. Web development and designing can be a tough job, not just because of coding tags, etc. but also because a web developer must create a website that is SEO friendly and should consider Google’s rules. If your website or page is considered as low quality, Google will bring your page ranking down that will eventually affect your business and SEO rankings.

However, how do you know if the page is “low quality” in Google’s eyes?

These are the factors that determine if a page is low quality in Google's eyes

  • Content

The content on your page should be unique. Content comes in the top of Googles ranking factor. Duplicate content will not work and Google won’t even index your page properly. Your content should provide value to your visitors and readers. The SEO of your page also depends upon content. Good, unique content with relevant keywords in place will impress Google algorithms.

Keywords also play an important role when it comes to rankings. Keyword stuffing is something that one should avoid. A lot of keywords can signal your page as low quality. Relevant and targeted keywords should be added in relevant places.

  • Links

Google likes it when your pages include many internal and external links. This alarms them that your page might be high quality. Check out our blog on how pillar pages affect SEO. The pages that your page is linking to should also be high quality. Low-quality backlinks are of no use and also hurts rankings.

  • Answers queries

Google also considers how well you satisfy the searcher. It checks whether your page is relevant and is providing answers to the question of the searcher. How do you think Google predicts that? Well, when someone types a query like “content marketing hacks”, and it visits a particular website, stays there for some time and then searches for something else, for e.g. “guide to Twitter marketing”. Hence, this shows that the searcher was satisfied with the answer that’s why it went on to search for something else.

But in case the searcher goes back and clicks different results, it indicates Google that the website didn’t answer the query. If this happens repeatedly, Google may bring the rankings down and will eventually consider the website as low quality.

Additionally, the time a searcher stays on the website also matters.

  • Loading speed

The loading speed of the website also matters. Read up our guide on how to score on Google Page speed insights to get tips for making your website load faster on any connection.

  • Responsive design

In today’s world, where there is more number of mobile users, it is important that your website has a responsive design that is visible on all kinds of devices. A responsive design means that your page is visible with the order and design on desktops, laptops, mobiles, tablets and all other kinds of devices

  • Spelling and grammar mistakes

Yes, grammar and spelling mistakes are what matters the most when writing blogs and content for a website. Spelling and grammar mistakes can indicate Google that your page is of low quality. You might be aware of Google’s featured snippets. Well, good grammar and no spelling mistakes can feature your page on featured snippets. Read up our guide on how to rank on Google’s featured snippets.

If you are already featuring on it and then you make some changes in your content that have grammar and spellings mistakes, Google will eventually remove you from featured snippets section and will also consider your page as low quality.

  • Site’s architecture

The architecture of your website also matters a lot. It checks if your page and the content on your page is organized properly and whether it is easy to digest.

  • Showing a deceptive image

In case your website is trying to confuse or fool people and search engines, then it is considered as lowest quality. Additionally having many affiliate links and ads makes your website over monetized that eventually has a back impact on Google.

Google wants the main page of the website to be main content and not affiliate links and ads. Many affiliate links, ads actually blend within the page and urges people to click on the ad. This is beneficial for affiliates but in the eyes of Google, it is considered as low quality.

How do you know if your page is high quality?

Since now you have an understanding of how Google considers a page as low quality, let us look at how can we recognize high-quality pages.

Analysing your website using various tools can help you to identify if your website is high quality or no. Check the number of visits you get every month and whether they visit other pages after landing page. If they do, it is a good indication that Google might consider your website as high quality. Also, keep a track on the number of social shares your page receives. External links, original content, indexing, etc. is everything that matters to your website is high quality.

A web developer or designer has knowledge of all these things before he/she actually makes the website live. Making a successful website is indirectly related to making a website SEO friendly. Before you choose the right web developing services make sure that your agency had all the right information about search engines and websites.



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