Facebook Vs LinkedIn on B2B Marketing

Many people are not exactly aware of LinkedIn until now. In the world of social media, Facebook still wins the crown in terms of popularity and users. For small and large businesses, social media has become an integral part of the market business. The power of social media is only growing day by day.

Facebook has more than 2 billion active users, therefore, marketing on this platform is always useful and it has been proven. Read up our guide on Facebook marketing to know more about it.

LinkedIn was launched specially for business and employment. Ever since its launch in 2003, it deals with professional networking, employers posting jobs and job seekers posting CVs.

This social media network has more than 100 million active users with more professional people publishing important and business posts on it.

Since here we are talking about B2B marketing, let us see which social media platform proves to be the best.

It is already perceived by people that Facebook is meant for entertainment and LinkedIn has posts that are more serious. When people come on Facebook, they are hoping to be engaged and to interact with friends and family. Facebook is awesome for building brand awareness, engagement, promoting content and to drive traffic to the website.

LinkedIn has always been a winner when it comes to B2B marketing but now Facebook is also coming up with great marketing techniques and professionals are using Facebook for reaching prospects.

It has always been a debate among people whether to choose Facebook or LinkedIn for marketing. Most of the B2B marketers obviously prefer LinkedIn because it meant for professional networking but now they are even going to Facebook because of its detailed targeting features and demographics.

Let us now go through points to take into consideration before choosing the best platform.

Difference between Facebook and LinkedIn for B2B marketing

  • Target audience

It is important to know your target audience before you take the decision of choosing a suitable platform. Even B2B businesses have their own target audiences.

When it comes to reaching more people, Facebook definitely has more audience than any other social media platform. LinkedIn, on the other hand, can only reach a limited amount of professionals.

However, when it comes to the target audience and B2B marketing it is a tie between the two.

We say this in light of the fact that once you set aside questions like what they need to know, who needs to know and why they need to know, it is possible that one or both could be the best decision.

Facebook has a bigger gathering of people and can furnish B2B promoters with a greater number of impressions than LinkedIn. Individuals invest more time and energy on Facebook than on LinkedIn. Not just that, Facebook is the age scope of 25-44, which is an age extend looked for after by most B2B publicists.

  • Advertising features

Facebook has detailed targeting options and features that target the right audience according to your business niche. One can refine the target based on age, gender, field, location, interests, demographics, professional titles, etc.

Whereas LinkedIn also has such features and there are options for targeting based on Company name, Company size, Industry, Followers, Connections, Job title, Job function, Job seniority, Years of experience, Schools, Degrees, Fields of study, Skills, Groups, Age, Gender, Location, etc.

Therefore, both these social media platforms provide detail targeting features and can effectively manage ads and reach the right audience.

  • Types of ads

Facebook can be an extremely important platform for B2B marketers because it provides a variety of ad types. Normal ads, images, videos, carousels, slideshows, etc. are the type of ads Facebook offers. One can get creative and publish ads that can attract other businesses and it also showcases your products or services in a more presentable way.

LinkedIn has very limited options when it comes to types of ads. It does not have carousel kind of ads. This can get boring at times and can hinder limit the way of highlighting products or services.

An ad will get views only if it seems to be attractive.

  • Facebook and LinkedIn algorithms

This is one of Facebook’s extraordinary highlights. When the ad is running, the Facebook calculation will enhance activity as indicated by your settings. For instance, in case you are running an ad for video/image views, Facebook will upgrade to get you more video/image views. The same runs with any objective you pick. It can be lead generation, reach, conversions, etc. Whereas LinkedIn does not have such upgraded algorithms.

  • Engaging audience

When it comes to engaging LinkedIn comparatively takes more time than Facebook. To build conversations and relations LinkedIn has made specific groups according to interests where people can interact, comment and post articles or information. One needs to be completely active in groups in order to stand out and be visible. This is very time-consuming. On Facebook, branding and standing out can be much easier. It is a more open platform than LinkedIn.

B2B marketing can take a lot of time on LinkedIn compared to Facebook.


Your B2B business needs the best social media marketing company that will know your needs and understands the difference between each social media platform.

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