Cloudflare V/S Sucuri – Advanced Guide

Many of you might have heard these terms for the first time. Due to an increase in digitalization, there are many benefits but also there are threats to hacking and security. Website security, speed, etc. are things that really matter to any business. Cloudflare and Sucuri are two online services that provide Website firewall, CDN (Content Delivery Network) and other protection services.

Many Websites are vulnerable to be hacked by Malware. If you are a WordPress Website owner, they have many authentications factors, but all those are at the software level. The Website is still open to other kinds of attacks and it can have a huge effect on your Website. Additionally, there is a financial loss, leaked data, low speed of the Website, bad user experience, etc.

Well, Cloudflare and Sucuri are best known online services that protect your Website from DDoS and Malware attacks.

Before going deep into comparison, let us know in brief about these two services. First, let us see what Cloudflare is.

CND, DDoS, and internet security are services that are provided by Cloudflare. It acts as a reverse proxy for Websites.  This useful internet service was launched in the year 2010.

On the other hand, Sucuri also offers the same services like Cloudflare. Sucuri was launched in 2010 and it currently has more than 100 employees working.

Today we will compare these two online services in terms of features, pricing, and capabilities for you to understand the differences.

What is the difference between Cloudflare and Sucuri?


Cloudflare and Sucuri offer different plans and therefore the features of both are quite different. Let us dive into it.

  • Cloudflare
  1. CloudFlare a famous service known best for CDN.
  2. They represent considerable authority in relieving DDOS attacks utilizing their Website Application Firewall item.
  3. CloudFlare keeps your site accessible to clients amid a Malware or other types of attack or under substantial activity when your server isn’t responsive.
  4. Their site Firewall squares suspicious activity before it even attacks your site. The Firewall likewise stretches out to shape entries that shields your site from comment spam and registration.
  5. It also offers SSL certificates that are free and can be customized including with all their plans.
  6. Free and professional designs just enable you to utilize Cloudflare issued certificate.
  7. In case you need a customized certificate, you will need to upgrade your plan to business or enterprise.
  8. They have many features like Website Application Firewall that needs to be paid. It isn’t free like CDN services
  9. No guarantee offered for removing Malware
  10. Scanning service is not provided in order to find Malware
  • Sucuri
  1. Sucuri is a standout amongst the most respectable site security and checking administration.
  2. They offer extensive site observing, filtering for Malware, DDoS security, and Malware expulsion administrations.
  3. Sucuri offers Cloud Proxy, a site Firewall, and load balancing service. It obstructs suspicious activity from achieving your site by adequately blocking the DDoS attack, code infusion, bad bots, and other site dangers.
  4. Sucuri offers to join with the free Let’s Encrypt SSL for their fundamental arrangement. You can likewise utilize custom SSL certificates with their expert and marketable strategies.
  5. Sucuri checks your site consistently for record changes and Malware. c, with help for every single famous CMS programming like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and so on.


For any organization, big or small, pricing and budget is an important factor. Taking free plans is not always the best option because then it offers limited features.

  • Cloudflare
  1. Like mentioned before, the CDN services are free of cost even if the traffic on your Website is too much, because they also do not charge for bandwidth.
  2. This free plan does not include Website Firewall, DDoS attacks, etc. your Website might not be fully protected.
  3. Their pro plan starts with $20 per month that is 1289 Indian rupees. This plan comes with web application Firewall, advanced security and performance, PCI compliance, and prioritized email support and excludes custom SSL and DDoS mitigation.
  4. For custom SSL and DDoS mitigation, they have a business plan that costs $200 per month that is 12901 Indian rupees. They have their pricing plans with features on their website.
  • Sucuri
  1. Pricing plans of Sucuri start at $199.99 per year. This plan offers DDoS protection, Website monitoring, Website application, Firewall, SSL certificate, Malware removal of the Website. This same plan monthly costs $16.66, but it is billed annually. It guarantees response time and scans every 12 hours.
  2. Their professional plan starts with $24.99 per month, and annually it costs $299.99. This plan also is billed annually. Sucuri scans every 6 hours and also guarantees response time.
  3. The business plans are $ 41.66/month and annually comes up to $ 499.99 that is again billed annually. This also guarantees response time and scans every 4 hours. It provides 30 Min blacklist notifications, advanced DDoS protection, and instant chat customer service. To know more details and what they provide, you can check out their pricing plans.


Now you have known the difference in features and pricing. Let us look at the most important part that is Malware protection.

  • Cloudflare
  1. Cloudflare helps in keeping your Website speed fast because it is known for its content delivery network. For CDN this is the best and preferred choice.
  2. Code injection hacks, form submissions, XSS JavaScript and Website security Firewall are all included in their paid plan.
  3. Other security features like blacklist monitoring, Malware scan, etc. are not provided by then. You have to pay extra for third-party apps for getting these done.
  • Sucuri
  1. Sucuri is more specialized in protecting Websites from attacks and monitoring them.
  2. It offers to clean the Website that is affected by Malware and another kind of attacks at the basic plan.
  3. It offers and protects from SQL injections, JavaScript’s, etc.
  4. Know more about the features they offer here.


Well, Cloudflare and Sucuri have their own benefits and advantages. Before choosing any one, make sure you go through the comparisons thoroughly so that you choose the right one for your business.



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