Best Email Subject Lines in Email Marketing

Email marketing is known to be the best form of Digital Marketing. Many digital marketers use this form of marketing nowadays and it has proven results. Email marketing helps in brand awareness, maintaining customer relationships, announcing important news, etc.

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There are various types and purposes of email marketing like commercial messages, transactional messages, advertisements, discount coupons, festive wishes, etc. each purpose has an objective in mind and therefore to reach the goal one has to draft the email properly. The template, design, body and subject lines should be attractive.

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What do you think is the first thing people see when they receive an email?

Yes, you’re right! The subject line is the first thing that comes to vision when people receive an email. If the subject line seems to be boring people won’t even open the mail and may delete it before that.

People receive thousands of emails and most of them judge the email based on subject line. If your subject line is non-attractive, it will be unnoticed. Therefore, your subject line needs to be attractive and needs to catch the eye of the reader to click and read the email.

To solve this subject line problem, today we are going to talk about best email subject lines that will prevent your emails to go unnoticed.

Email subject lines that should be used for Email Marketing

  1. Providing a clue

Make sure that your subject line has an element of self-interest. Tell your audience what is exactly in the body of the email in the subject itself. If they have to gain something, write it in the subject line so that they click on it and read it completely. Directly converse with the audience in the form of subject lines.

  1. Build curiosity

Building curiosity is exactly opposite if the above point. In the above point, you inform the people what is in the mail whereas here you build curiosity which invokes people to open and read the mail.

This technique is a risky one and should be used rarely based on the type and objective of your email.

  1. Announcing offers

Offers and discount emails always work and if you let them know about the offer in the subject line itself, it will make people open the email. Many emails have interesting offers but people do not open it because the subject line doesn’t do justice to it. Therefore, give a hint of your offer in the subject line itself so that people open and check it.

  1. Showing urgency

It is proven that when the emails show criticalness and shortage in an email headline, it can encourage the audience to snap or act on it because it builds imaginatively and deliberately. However, since you would prefer not to be known as “the brand that told a shameful lie,” utilize these titles sparingly, and attempt to constrain them to when the event really calls for prompt action.

  1. Timeliness

Whenever someone subscribes to an email list, the motive is to keep him or her educated and informed. Like arousing your crowd’s interest, creating email titles that consolidate slanting points or convenient features can enable you to set up your image as a specialist in your industry and can urge individuals to snap to peruse.

Create emails and subject lines that are trending and that will actually educate your audience.

  1. Using inspirational names

We all have renowned individuals who, eventually, we directly or beforehand have respected. Furthermore, when you comprehend your audience and their inclinations and interests, you can arouse their enthusiasm by including the names of respected, conspicuous people by incorporating them in your subject lines and specifying them in your email titles. Remember, this strategy truly just works when it lines up with your image, product or service. Therefore, make sure it is applicable instead of simply tossing out an unmistakable name for acknowledgment.

  1. Adding interesting stories

In danger of seeming like a broken record, here is where interest becomes possibly the most important factor. By front-stacking your email headline with a convincing reference to a story that the message tells, yet must be perused if opened or clicked, your audience will end up to be charmed and will open the mail to know more. Again, make sure that the story is significant to your product or service or else it may baffle your audience and they will not open the mail.

  1. Short and simple

Most of the people use mobile phones to open emails because of various apps that have come. Email subject lines that are short and simple have proved to have a greater click-through rate. Simple lines are easier to comprehend rather than using complicated words and sentences that people will ignore. Hence, make sure that you use a short sentence with simple words that are easy to understand so that people actually click on your email and read further.


Many digital marketers ignore the importance of email subject lines but subject lines are the most important factor in email marketing strategies. Therefore, make a wise decision and spend some time in thinking and developing an influential subject line that will attract people and make them click on the email. The success of email marketing half lies in the subject line and then the body and template.


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