A guide to Twitter marketing

Social media has grown huge and is still growing tremendously. With the increase in the use of internet and people using internet for everything, businesses have started marketing online.

Many social media platforms have been launched. Some of them failed to make their mark whereas very few have proved to be a success. Some of the famous social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

There are various benefits of social media and it has become an important factor and necessity for businesses. Social media fills the gap that traditional media cannot fill. Reaching a wide range of audience in less budget and time, brand awareness, improved customer relationships, and driving sales are some of the major benefits of social media.


Today we are going to concentrate on one powerful social media platform called TWITTER.

Twitter was launched in 2006 and ever since it is only growing. With more than 300 million users, it is meant for posting online news and interact with people using the term tweets. They have specific restrictions when it comes to posting tweets. Initially, the character limit was up to 140 but now recently it has doubled its character limit to 280. It has features to retweet, live hashtags and can get a particular topic trending.

Twitter is the main source of information for political news and celebrity gossip. In the 2016 presidential elections, Twitter was the largest reference to breaking news.

When it comes to marketing a business, Twitter has proved its power in reaching out people and building brand awareness.


Let us look at the importance and benefits of Twitter in marketing a business.

  • It has the power to reach a large number of people and an expand reach
  • With features like retweeting and listing, one can achieve potential clients far outside your typical marketing techniques
  • The best part about twitter is that the people who are following you become the channels of spreading your message and when their followers see your company’s name, you automatically get followers
  • Twitter can help gain credibility for company
  • It helps to deepen a relationship with customers by posting and connecting with them
  • Provides more opportunities to communicate with potential and existing clients
  • It is the best platform for posting up to the minute news and posts
  • Twitter posts can have instant feedback and that is what differs it from other platforms. When people comment on your post, others can see and retweet it. There is a lot of openness on Twitter and that is what helps brands and gives them a chance to highlight their services, products or important content
  • If you have content that has the power to influence people, Twitter can be the best platform for driving traffic with the help of those posts
  • One can handle customers better on twitter by customer support and satisfaction. Their instant feedback can help you and your business grow and also give them support
  • One can communicate on Twitter in a friendly way and break the formal corporate conversations. This brings in more openness and increases customer satisfaction
  • You can well explain your business goals and objectives through Twitter
  • It helps you learn new trends in your industry that is useful to be the pace and updated

These are some of the very few benefits of Twitter. It has many more advantages and the importance of Twitter is beyond explanation.


Let us now look at how Twitter is different from other social media platforms

  • Facebook is the largest social media platform and it also has features of a short status update but what differentiates Twitter from Facebook is that the tweets are visible to every follower on Twitter, whereas on Facebook there is a filtration process.
  • Twitter allows sharing photos as well just like Pinterest, but creating and building conversations on Twitter is much easier than on Pinterest.
  • LinkedIn is a platform meant for professionals and B2B marketing. it is built on trust by both the parties, whereas on Twitter you can even follow people who are unknown to you that helps you grow the reach of targeting potential audience.
  • Google+ and Twitter have some similar features like organizing people according to lists and building conversations.

Now you exactly know what Twitter is, its benefits, advantages and how different it is from other social media platforms. We will now dive into the use of Twitter for your business.

A complete guide to Twitter marketing


  1. Showcase your brand

Your Twitter business page should be a reflection of your business. Make it look attractive by updating your company logo as a profile picture, creating a cover picture that will look interesting and post updates and images. Make it look like your Facebook or Instagram page so that your customers will recognize you there and follow you.

It gives a good impression of your brand and helps to increase the brand image and recognition if you keep your profile updated with relevant and attractive posts. Keep images, profile pictures consistent so that it can help people identify your profile and eventually build trust.

Choosing a username is also a very important step. The username you choose will appear next to every post you upload. Therefore, think before you choose a username and choose it wisely. The username you select will be your recognition on Twitter. Make sure that your username is easy and without punctuation marks and personal names. Keep the username name related to your business name only.

The Twitter header image is like Facebooks cover picture. It tells a story about your brand and hence one needs to update it in order to make your profile look attractive.

  1. Complete your Twitter profile account

It is important that you fill in all your details on Twitter. Under the tab settings, you will get an option of Profile under which you can update your details. Fill each tab so that people find all the information they need on your twitter profile.

They have options for adding location, website and a short bio. Adding your location can help local customers to reach you and will also let people know the location of your business. Adding a website URL will only get your website traffic and will help people know more about you. The bio tab allows only 160 characters and in this tab, you can give a basic insight into what your business is about. Do not write additional information, just give main points or a short brief about the business.

  1. Start building contacts

On Twitter, you can easily follow people. Start following people, but do not aggressively follow a lot of people at once. Just go slow and at the initial follow people you know, your customers, partners, inspirational people, etc. you might not get a follow back from everyone but some might follow you back and that is you will grow.

Following a lot of people at once will detect a suspicious activity on your account and it might even get suspended for some days. To avoid this follow a limited number of people in a day.

We recommend to not focus on who is following you rather focus on whom you are following. Initially, the people you follow makes a difference.

  1. Talk and post

Twitter is a great platform where you can easily start a conversation and increase followers. There are many ways to talk on Twitter. Like for e.g. you can thank all your customers for visiting your store for a sale. Mentioning others in your tweet is also a great way to be visible in front of a greater audience. Also replying to someone’s tweet helps increase followers.  The @reply feature is when you reply to another person’s tweet and the best part about this is that it is public. Therefore, your followers as well the opposite person followers can see it.

It is also vitally important to post smartly. Do not just randomly post things, rather study your target audience and post what they love and what they are interested in. It may be something about your product or service or some discount or offering that you are providing. Plan better for your Twitter posting and make a calendar for it.

Know some content marketing hacks that can be used for social media marketing. 

  1. Make people visit your website or blog

Building excitement can be very easy by posting short updates on Twitter and then to learn more direct them to your website or blog. You can add links in your update and direct them to the specific website or blog you want. This technique has proven to be successful. Posting normal sentences won’t help but short crisp sentences that have an element of excitement can help you gain visitors.

These are some of the ways to market your business on Twitter. Building followers and creating a fan base on Twitter can be time-consuming and it needs efforts but all it is worth. Using hashtags can also be one technique for marketing your business. When you launch a Twitter campaign, use a hashtag that will resonate with your campaign, business, and you never know it can get trending.


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