A Complete Guide to Content Promotion Tools

Content is the king of digital marketing and one does not need an explanation on how important content is. All the activities of digital marketing revolve around content. Content can be of great use for promoting brands, driving sales, increasing brand awareness, etc.

You have your content ready, now how will you make this content reach a number of people? You obviously want your content to reach a number of people. How will you do this? The right tools will help you with this.

Webtraffic- known as the best content marketing agency in Mumbai, has prepared a list of content promotion tools where you can promote your content and reach more number of people. Let us go through them one by one.

Social media can be the best option to share content. 3/4th of the world is on social media and it can give great opportunities to promote your brand and product.


Tools for content promotion


  • Facebook

Facebook is known to be the most used social media network. There are many options to shares different kinds of posts like images, videos, slides, carousels, etc. a large number of the audience can be reached to and engage.


  • Pinterest

Pinterest is the next popular social media that is trending. It is mainly known for sharing pictures and infographics. People can pin your post and pictures for future references.


  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn has a business approach and marketers can share links, images, videos, etc. There are many groups that can be joined and one can create conversations and share content with them. LinkedIn has even introduced articles sharing where one can write articles and share them. This gives a great exposure to share valuable content with top-notch people.


  • SlideShare

SlideShare is a tool where one can share presentations and even get perfect insights on how many people have viewed or shared. It is a perfect platform for engaging people and sharing content.


  • StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon help allows the users to find and recommend web content. By using social networks, one can rate web pages, images, and videos. It is known to be a popular site for content sharing.


  • Flipboard

Flipboard is like a personalized magazine. One can read, collect and share their own content with millions of its users.


  • Scoop.it

Scoop was specially made for content sharing. It is a great platform for marketers to share their content and create links to other blogs.



This platform joins apps and websites together so that you can easily share content. It is consistent with many social media platforms and blogging sites and additionally it is absolutely free.


  • PR Newswire

This platform has more than 600,000 real bloggers and contacts. One can easily create news and distribute in on this platform for reaching these bloggers, conversing with them and much more.


  • Dynamic Signal

This is a content promotion tools that helps in distributing content to many channels and it also has an alerting feature when the content gets published. This tool can be extremely useful.


  • Offerpop (now Wyng)

This tool is meant for recruiting, engaging and converting customers to lead by sharing your content.


  • Medium

Medium allows everyone to publish content and the topic can be anything. It is an open platform and helps reach a large audience because one can even repost someone else’s content which will additionally help reach more people.


  • Bitly

Bitly allows to create short URL’s. This tool also helps in tracking the number of link clicks one can received. It is a great tool to track and create short URL’s.


  • CisionPoint

This platform has a user database of over 1 million journalists. It is specially made for press releases and one can share their press releases here for engaging and creating conversations with top journalists and people.


  • Taboola

Taboola has a unique feature of pushing the content to the publishers. Many people click on links by Taboola. Similarly, there is one more tool named Outbrain that works the same way.


  • Sprinklr

There are many features that can be of utmost use for content marketers. Top content marketers use this tool and one can connect with CRM systems, customize widgets, and helps in publishing and managing content.


  • Buffer

One can use this tool for scheduling posts, images and videos. This tool automatically helps in publishing content at any time.


  • Sprout Social

This tool also acts like Buffer. This slightly works in a different manner but is also meant to be the best tool for managing content.


  • Bottlenose

One can easily track what is trending in the industry and can write content on it that will be useful for content marketers. It is also a great tool for analyzing all your activity on social networks.


All the above mentioned 20 content marketing tools can be of great help for content marketers and business leaders who want to reach more people. Creating content makes no sense until and unless we have people who read and optimize it. One has to put in a lot of hard work for creating one post and therefore these tools can help give results to the hard work put in for creating content by making them optimized for many people.

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