Steps to start an Instagram Marketing Campaign from scratch

Instagram is a photo-sharing application that is an extremely popular social media platform after Facebook. It is used by many people all around the world and has around 500 million active users. Ever since its launch in 2010, it has only been climbing the ladder of popularity. This photo sharing service has very good features and people only appreciate the app.

In 2012, Facebook acquired Instagram and the ads that are run on Facebook can be used for Instagram as well.  It has many features that interest the public and sparks engagement. They even have live hashtags that define trends. A lot of features like digital effects, geo filter, hashtags, etc. has made this platform the most influential one. The new feature on Instagram is uploading stories that disappear in 24 hours.

Making an account on Instagram is very easy and if you have a Facebook account, it directly gives an option of signing it from your Facebook account.

How can you miss the opportunity to market your brand to this hugely popular platform?

Let us look at some steps to start an Instagram marketing campaign.

The steps to start an Instagram marketing campaign from scratch

  1. Set objectives

Before you launch any social media marketing campaign, it is essential to set objectives and define goals. The same is with Instagram marketing. Defining objectives and setting goals to help one to measure the level of success one has received.  Basic objectives of Instagram marketing campaigns would be to increase brand awareness, increase sales, interact and communicate with existing and potential customers, drive sign-ups, build email lists, etc. Find your niche, stand out and target the right people.


  1. Reach out to your audience

It is vitally important to reach the right audience and how do you reach out to them. To know what your audience likes and what interests them, follow them and stalk their profile. Check out their interests, how they use Instagram and what kind of posts do they like. This way you can create content for them, engage them and reach out to a larger audience. The more you know about them the better campaigns you will be able to create. There is a suggested feature on Instagram that helps research your customers’ likes and interests.


  1. Plan & create

Once you have your objectives straight, you can plan better. It is very important to plan the kind of content you will be uploading when and how. You should be clear on your ideas, how will you be reaching out and the objective of each post. How many posts are you going to upload and for how many days will your campaign run? These questions will help you to plan better.

It is equally important to create a good quality post. High-quality images with witty captions are always a success. Pay good attention and spend time on writing your captions since it can influence people largely. Building hashtags is also an important part. You can either build hashtag or continue an existing one. It builds a sense of branding and if you campaigns really work, the hashtags used will be beneficial to reach people.

For Instagram, good photos bring an impact. You have to plan whether you would take stock pictures or create photoshoots for your product.


  1. Influencers

You have your content ready and you want many people to see your content. Therefore, for this, a great way is to work with influencers. There are many influencers, bloggers or photographers, who have a big fan base and many followers. Ask them if they are interested and negotiate a price. It can be difficult to convince the influencers but you can find a right one.


  1. Measure your success

Analysing your campaign will help you to understand if your goals and objectives were achieved. If not it gives you a lesson of how to plan better and will make you realize what went wrong. There are many tools that help to measure metrics. If your Instagram page is a business account, it will show you analytics of your post automatically.

This way you can start with your Instagram marketing campaign. Since you now know the benefits of Instagram and the number of active users it has, there is no doubt that a well-planned marketing campaign will never go wrong. Posting every day will be beneficial and quality content is always a success.

Claim your business account on Instagram now and reach out to a larger audience, drive sales and reach your objectives.



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