Impact of Virtual Reality on Marketing in future

Virtual reality is the next big thing that is going to happen. You all might be already aware of virtual reality (VR) and how it has already influenced the world. Many companies have already started using virtual reality for their marketing campaigns. Virtual reality is the latest technology that can be adopted in marketing techniques and it can definitely be a success.

Before checking out how to use virtual reality in digital marketing, let us first see what virtual reality actually is and why is it driving the world.

The meaning of Virtual Reality is simply in the term itself. Virtual means what is very near to us and reality is what we as human beings experience. Hence, virtual reality means near reality. Basically, it is a computer-generated simulation that gives a three-dimensional image. A person can experience this reality by using special electronic devices like helmet, earphones, and gloves, fitted with sensors.

Research shows that in the near future 2 out of 5 people will prefer to experience virtual reality rather than any other medium. It is a growing trend and by 2020 it will be used extensively everywhere.

Samsung, PlayStation and many other companies have already launched virtual reality equipment.

This new technological development will build a successful digital marketing strategy for many companies relating to e-commerce, local businesses and much more.

How do you think now this Virtual reality can be used for digital marketing?

Let us look at some companies and their strategies that have used virtual reality in marketing strategies.

  • When Pokémon Go was launched in 2016, it was a big success and many people were active users on it because it used virtual reality that made people feel like they are really hunting Pokémon’s on the road. Many local businesses took advantage of this game’s popularity and made their locations as Poké stops. For e.g. people used to visit the restaurants where they used to get Pokémon’s and it also helped the businesses to grow sales.
  • Another example of virtual reality is the famous company named IKEA-a furnishing brand. It launched an app that would help customers to place the furniture in their house using virtual reality and check how it looks. This saved their time and effort of visiting the store and it grew tremendous sales.
  • Hotel Marriot in the year 2015 started the best virtual reality strategy by keeping VR equipment in everyone’s rooms so that they experience places like London, Beijing, etc. and spend more time in the hotel and also visit more often.

Like that there are much more examples of stores, theatres, etc. that used virtual reality to for marketing online.

Neil Patel has explained has given examples of how companies have used virtual reality in their marketing campaign.

Since you are now familiar with what virtual reality is and how it works, let us now dive into the impact on digital marketing in the near future.

  1. Influenced emotionally

Emotional quotient is very important in marketing strategies. When a specific content drives people emotionally, it has more impact on it. Virtual reality as mentioned before makes people feel the reality near them and drives them emotionally. It makes them feel like they are actually in that situation and inside the simulated world. It has the power to regulate emotions and hold the attention of the person.


  1. Helps in better content marketing

It is said that content is the king of all in digital marketing. Digital marketing is based on content marketing and how you showcase your content to others. To know the hacks for content marketing read up our blog on it.

Nowadays, people are already moving away from reading and finding new ways to understand and learn things. In the near future, no one is going to read long blogs and contents.

Virtual reality brings in new opportunities for content marketing to create engaging, creative and interactive content. Instead of writing long blogs on advantages of products or services, one can make people actually feel the reality and drive more sales.

Content marketing will be on another level in the next 10 years and a digital marketer needs to cope up to that. Even now people prefer watching videos over reading and imagine the impact it will make when they feel the reality in the video! It will help your customers or reader to connect with your content virtually and you will only find success.


  1. Physical interactions

Virtual reality helps physical interactions with brands easily. One can create a virtual world that people can virtually experience in the simulated world. You can make them feel your products, food, etc. Who would not want to sit in the comfort of their own houses and experience all of this?

This fast growing technology is the future of digital marketing. It is going to influence everyone and will bring in a change to the old marketing strategies.


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