Free Google tools for Digital Marketers

Google is something that everyone loves because it provides many free tools with one login. Besides being the best and most popular search engine, it also provides tons of products and free tools that marketers may not even be alert off. Being a digital marketer it is essential to know these tools since it can help you a lot in your marketing campaigns.

Whether you want to store your files, improve web performance, check what is trending, add relevant keywords, etc. Google has it all.

Today let us look at some free tools by Google that is beneficial for digital marketers.

Free Google tools for Digital Marketers


  1. Google AdSense

Google AdSense is an advertising platform that helps to earn some money by placing your content. It acts as a passive income source. Well, this all depends on the quality of content you write and attract visitors. From each site, it helps to earn some advertising revenue depending on a number of visitors it receives. It also helps to report easily.


  1. Google AdWords

If your website is not receiving enough organic traffic, then you could start paid campaigns with the help of Google AdWords.  This tool is also known as PPC (Pay Per Click) product.

All you have to do is bid for relevant keywords related to your business and your ad may appear on the top or top right of search engines when someone types a query related to your business.

It works on pay per click formula i.e. you only pay when someone clicks on the ad. The cost of the ad depends on the competitiveness of the keyword you have targeted.

Google AdWords also has a tool within it called as keyword planner. This tool helps to find relevant keywords by giving a wide range of ideas related to your business niche.


  1. Google Analytics

It is vitally important to track and measure the success of campaigns and the amount of traffic our website receives. Well, google analytics helps in tracking and measuring website visitors, sources, bounce rates, referral links, etc. it also tracks the amount of time people spend on your website, returning visitors, and helps to understand how people are navigating your website and from which country. Analytics of gender and age is also provided by google analytics.

It gives a general insight into how your website is performing and is extremely important to plan better and see which platforms are getting more clicks to the website.


  1. Google Trends

Just like Google keyword planner, Google Trends also helps in choosing smart keywords that are trending. It helps to assess which keyword is popular and trending by comparing two keywords, in which country the keyword is popular, and also shows related keywords can that help build new keywords.

This is a great tool to generate fresh ideas for your blogs and write content on trending topics.


  1. Google My Business

Google My Business makes advertising easy and free for you. Simply claim you’re my business account, add your details, contact number, address, etc. this is used for local SEO techniques and your business gets displayed on the top of search results page without having to pay on AdWords.

When any local search is made, results related to the local query is displayed and if you have filled in the right details, your business will be also shown.

Google My Business is based on ratings and reviews and results are displayed depending on the number of good ratings or reviews that your business page has received.

You can also add images, and provide detailed information about your business.


  1. Google Docs, Sheets, Forms and Slides

Google provides excellent collaboration tools and features for Google docs, sheets, forms and slides. Google docs are used for word documents, sheets used for Excel spreadsheets slides for presentations and forms for conducting surveys online.

All these are free of cost and provide great collaboration and features like automatic saving, sharing on email, allowing others to edit it, etc.


  1. Google Alerts

Google Alerts is an absolute useful tool for keeping you up to date about topics that you prefer and are interested in. you just have to type the topic that interests you and Google will provide alerts related to that topic in your email and help you keep up to date.

Google Alerts also helps to keep an eye on your competitors by alerting you where their brand is being mentioned.


  1. Google Blogger

This tool is useful especially for content writers and SEO experts. Google Bloggers allows you to upload blogs and publish content.

One your blog is up there, you can easily create backlinks for your website. It is said that building links on Google platforms helps to index of pages better. Therefore, this is a powerful and extremely important tool for digital marketers.

It can also be used for personal blogging in case you are not yet confident to go for self-blogging platforms like WordPress.


  1. Google Search Console

This tool is very similar to Google Analytics tool. It provides a wide range of tools and resources that can help understand your website performance even better by analyzing which pages are more popular, how people are finding it and whether they are accessing your website from the desktop, mobile or tab.

It helps to analyze your website and even show metrics of how your keywords are performing. This is again a great and useful tool for digital marketers and especially for content marketers.


  1. Google PageSpeed Insights

This tool helps to analyze the speed of your website on desktop, mobile and tabs. It also gives recommendations on how to optimize your page and gives a rating for mobile and desktop.

It is considered as an important tool to test your websites speed that is necessary to know.


Google helps to boost your digital marketing campaigns with the help of these useful tools. There are many other tools like, Google+, Google Books, Google Calendar, etc. that are also vitally important.


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