2017 Social Media Image Size Sheet – Updated Guide

The image size trickiest question when it comes to making posts for social media. All the social media platforms keep changing the sizes of images and videos compatible with their platforms.

The fame of social media is only increasing and it is necessary for all marketers to catch up with the sizes and advances made.

Today we will step-by-step go through post sizes that are compatible with different social media platforms.

2017 Social Media Image Size Sheet

  1. Facebook

Facebook known to be the most popular social media platform for businesses to market, they have different sizes depending on desktop and mobile. Do not forget to read our guide on how to start with facebook marketing.

The profile picture on Facebook should be 180×180 pixels. The picture on the page will appear as 160×160 pixels and the thumbnail of the picture through Facebook will be 32×32 pixels. The profile picture represents the image of your brand, therefore, it is important that the size is correct.

The size of the cover photo is different for mobile and desktop. For desktop, it has to be of 828×315 pixels and for mobile, it has to be 828×462 pixels. Hence, the cover photo should be made considering these sizes so that it is visible on both the devices.

Links shared on Facebook use 1200×628 pixels images or videos. The shared post should be 1200×1200 or 1200×630 pixels.

For event pages, the event image should be of 1920×1080 pixels.


  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn has become a popular social media platform for B2B businesses and it works wonders for them since it is meant mainly for professionals.

The profile picture on your personal LinkedIn profile should be around 40×40 pixels and minimum 200×200 pixels.

Your personal profile background image should be 1000×425 pixels and the size should be maximum of 4 MB.

Company pages have different sizes. The profile picture of a company page should be 400×400 pixels and minimum 300×300 pixels. Your brand logo will most probably be your company profile picture.

The hero image on your company page is the biggest image. It is like a banner that is placed on the top of company pages. The sizes recommended for this is 974×330 pixels.

One can upload images on LinkedIn and their recommended size is 646×220 pixels.


  1. Instagram

Instagram is also known to be the most popular social media platform after Facebook. It is mainly for image sharing and brands are taking huge advantage of this platform by sharing high-quality images. Read up our blog on how to start with Instagram Marketing Campaign.

The profile picture on Instagram should be 110×110 pixels.

It is important that for Instagram you maintain 1:1 ratio and keep the images square.

The thumbnails on Instagram appear at 161×161 pixels and photo size should be 1080 pixels. Instagram still reduces the pixels to 612×612 pixels.


  1. Twitter

Twitter is the next popular social media platform and very informational platform. The sizes recommended for this platform are:

The profile picture should be 400×400 pixels and twitter reduces it further to 200×200 pixels.

The header photo should be 1500×500 pixels. The pictures uploaded on news feed should be 440×220 pixels. Sometimes it expands further to 1024×512 pixels and sometimes appears at 506×653 pixels.


  1. Pinterest

Pinterest is an image sharing social media platform that has recently gained popularity. One can pin and save images that you like and it is an extremely informational platform. It has many attractive pictures and infographics that are helpful. This platform can be very addictive. Marketers are now using this platform for sharing their images and creating backlinks.


The recommended size for profile pictures should be 165×165 pixels and it appears to be at 32×32 pixels. Pinterest does not allow to upload a profile picture if the image is larger than 10 MB.

The images displayed on the board of Pinterest should be of 222×150 pixels and the thumbnails below them appear at 55×55 pixels.

Pin sizes recommended range from 238 to 600 pixels by width.


  1. YouTube

YouTube is known for uploading videos and brands and marketing are optimizing this platform to increase engagement and brand awareness. It is said that videos play a major role than images can. Therefore, this platform is considered as an important social media platform and it definitely works wonders for everyone.

Even though YouTube is known for videos, it does have image sizes recommended for channels profile pictures, cover images and also video guidelines.

The cover picture of your YouTube channel should have 2560×1440 pixels image. The display sizes are different for each device. On mobile, the display size is 1546×423 pixels, on a tablet, it is 1855×423 pixels, on the desktop, it is 2560×423 pixels and TV display is 2560×1440 pixels.

The ratio of videos should be 16:9 and dimensions of your video should be 1280×760 pixels. If you follow these video size guideline, your video will be qualified for HD quality.


These social media platforms are used on a large scale. Therefore, it is important to note down these sizes so that images and videos are optimized better.


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