Ways to get Startup closer to Launch

Surely, no one wants to launch a failed start-up. Marketing your startup might be the most disconcerting thought ever. But this should be your first and most important task before launching.

Many entrepreneurs have very good ideas but many of them do not understand how to get their ideas into a successful and profitable business. Entrepreneurs struggle a lot for a variety of reasons, but marketing before launching is the biggest problem for them. However, this is not so difficult, with little planning and taking the right approach can help you build a successful audience before you launch.

So, how can you get your start-up ready for launch? Let us look at some ways and tip to successfully launch your start-up business.

Ways to get start-up closure to launch


  1. Define and gather your audience

A lot of start-ups sell products that the market do not need. Firstly, define your target audience and make sure they need your product or service. Many are not interested in buying the products that start-ups are selling; therefore make a research of what your target audience needs the most. Entrepreneurs loving what they sell is not important, whereas if the audience loves what you sell then it is a success.

One can use Google trends or Keyword planner to do market research of what is trending and what your target audience likes. Make a survey and ask your audience relevant questions to get to know where you stand and how to improve. Gathering your audience before you launch will give you a rocket start launch. It is not easy as said because you have to give your audience what they want, but it is worth all the hard work.

Get all your contacts from Gmail, Outlook, phone books, etc. together. Make a list of who can be potential and who are not. Make a LinkedIn profile to get to know who a person is.


  1. Make a website and use sign-up forms

Creating a website helps in building an identity to your start-up. Make an attractive website and add sign-up forms on it. People who are interested in your product or service will sign up and you also get an idea of the response your product or service is getting before launch. Give free products or service for the first 100 people who sign up, or use such ideas. Additionally, you will also get their email ids and contact numbers to add them to your email marketing list.


  1. Content blogging

Content is always a king for marketing. Blogging will help you to engage with your audience and also get to know their views, thoughts and how they react to it. This is also the right way to get all your targeted keywords at the right place and build a solid search engine optimization. You can write about the progress your start-up is making, products or services, advantages of them, free tips, etc. This will help your audience feel more involved and will add interest. Work more on keywords to help in SEO.


  1. Social media- your prelaunch friend

As you all know the ‘Power of Social Media’ and how it can help any business or start-up to grow and build an audience. Make social media accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. and make optimal use of it. Just like content blogging you can post pictures of your products, announce about discounts, all your prelaunch activities, etc. Social media, especially Facebook is a great place to gather an audience, increase brand awareness and helps in engaging and knowing your audience closely.  Invite your friends and family to like your new start-up business page and engage them. Announce some discounts for the early birds and make a list of it. You can even run a campaign to get more page likes and engagement before launching.

Do not forget LinkedIn. This is a powerful tool to get business. You can send In-mails to professionals and your target group about what your start-up is all about and also about launching. This will help increase awareness and build contacts. Do not forget to add pictures in your content.

Your blogging articles can be shared on social media too.


  1. Start email-marketing

All the contacts that you had and have gathered through social media and blogging, make use of it and start an email marketing campaign. Make your audience feel like they are part of your start-up and make it as personal as possible. Send your weekly blogs, surveys and your plans for launching to them. Let them feel involved so that you get a great response.


  1. Analyse and track everything

Analysing all your marketing methods will help you get an idea of where you are and how much interest your target audience is showing. Make use of Google Analytics to track website visitors and also to track from where you’re getting traffic. Check your sign-up forms and track the response of your surveys. Social media also has tools which help in analyzing page views, engagement, etc. analyzing is an important part of marketing.


Doing all this before you launch will give you a satisfaction that you gave your 100% even before you launched and didn’t start from 0 after launching. Start-ups surely go through a lot of hardships before launching and going an extra mile won’t harm. Make sure you make the most before launching and you will see the results later.


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