Top Known Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

 Affiliate marketing is a marketing model where the advertiser pays commissions to the publisher or affiliates who advertise their products by blogging or other means and gets new customers for the advertiser.

For e.g. the advertiser is in the business of selling shoes. The Publisher joins the advertiser’s affiliate program and posts banners on her website promoting the advertisers product. When a customer is looking out for shoes and comes across the banner posted by the publisher, it clicks on the link which is an affiliate link. This affiliate link drops a cookie on the advertiser’s browser. When the customer buys the product from the advertiser’s site, a tracking pixel on the advertiser’s site matches the affiliate cookie on the customer’s browser. This tracking pixel shows that the publisher has sent this customer to the advertiser’s store and it turn earns sales commission. The affiliate network sends reports to both the advertiser and the publisher. At the end of the month, the affiliate network pays publisher’s to the publisher via the advertiser.

Since now, you know how Affiliate Marketing works let us know its benefits.

As you know now there are two people involved who benefit from one another, one is the Advertiser and the other is the Publisher.


  • Collaboration & Partnership

The relationship between the advertiser and the publisher is a mutually beneficial relationship, which brings profits and benefits both. Basically, they create a partnership and help each other earn money. The advertiser gives the publisher an opportunity to market their products and if the publisher gets him traffic and sales, they earn a commission. This also brings sales and visitors to the advertiser. Therefore, both work in a collaborating manner and help each other to earn profit and sales.


  • No talk of investment

For the publisher, there is no talk of investment. They just have to invest in making an attractive website and monthly subscription fee for hosting. Because of low cost in investment, everything will be in profit after some time. Compared to other businesses who have to invest and even have costs to be taken into consideration on monthly basis.

Coming to the advertiser, building an affiliate program is not going to cost you much and break your budget. Before your ads start paying off, all the advertisers have to do is have a website and purchase an affiliate program. In addition, advertisers only pay commissions when the customer is converted.


  • Earning money 24×7

The publisher’s store is not a physical store or a business, therefore it has no restrictions. Again talking about costs, there are no employee costs and the business is open all the time. People can visit your site anytime and you don’t have to worry about being present there. Even while you’re sleeping you may earn commissions when the visitor buys any product. Your business doesn’t get affected in any way but you have to consider to generate traffic by managing and updating your website and promoting it by means of social media. Only when there is traffic people will buy products and you will earn a commission.

This also benefits the advertiser, as they get visitors which they would not be able to reach. As long as the advertisers’ website gets traffic and they are converting to sales, they are always in profit and earning all the time. Even if they have to pay a small commission fee to the publisher, it is all worth.  They have to do nothing but approve new affiliates and get more sales.


  • More exposure

The publisher, as well as the advertiser, get exposure and traffic. Getting exposure is the key to any marketing strategy. This point is especially for the advertiser who gets additional traffic from the publishers’ site. The more affiliates you have, the more traffic you get from their sites. This will get you increased exposure which will result in sales and profits. This also builds an image and brand name. The publisher also gets exposure and builds an audience and fan followers. Your reference will be trusted and you will earn commissions. Building an audience also requires hard work. Blogging in a creative manner, which will get visitors to your site, is important. Engage your audience by promoting the advertisers products in a creative way. All these efforts will be fruitful for you as well as for the advertiser.


  • Growth in SEO rankings

Search engines highly rate links which are inbound for page ranking. Hence, the traffic that you get from the publisher’s site, will, in turn, help you increase in ranking. Moreover, the advertisers will be in the same field and this will proof that their site is relevant which will boost rankings even more.


This way Affiliate marketing can be beneficial to people with very little risks involved. For all these benefits involved, affiliate marketing can be completely worth of the small investments and time spent for your programs. It is one of the best ways to make money online. Marketers have to do some research and work a bit hard on it to become a success. It allows you to keep growing with an additional benefit of ranking on Google.



  1. Yes, good list these points are really best.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

  2. Great Post!!
    As a newbie in affiliate marketing , I needed this post to read on to understand the meaning and terminologies from scratch. As well as how its done. So thanks for sharing knowledge in laymen language that I can understand.

    I have one doubt please help on that- How Affiliate Marketing is different from google adsense?

    please explain

    Thanks again!!

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