How to start Pay Per Click Campaign effectively

Before learning how to start, let us first know what Pay Per Click exactly depicts.

Pay Per Click Advantages

One of the quickest ways to drive more customers to your website is Pay Per Click advertising. Pay Per Click also called PPC is an internet marketing model where the company that has placed an advertisement on the website has to pay a fee each time their ad has been clicked.

It is a way to get traffic by buying visits to your site them rather than getting them organically. Search engine advertising is one of the most popular forms of Pay Per Click. You must have often seen the sponsored ads on top of search results page.

Search Result Page with Google Adwords

The highlighted red box is an example of Pay Per Click advertising.

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This is how it works: Each time your ad is clicked and send a visitor to your website, the search engine charges you a small fee. This is why is it called “Pay Per Click”. It allows advertisers to typically bid for an ad placement in the search engine’s sponsored links when someone searches that particular keyword which is relevant to their target market.

Such advertisements usually appear adjacent or beneath organic results on search engine results page.

The benefits of Pay Per Click are:

  • Research indicates that the searchers click on paid advertising more often. This also means that the search query actually fits their search needs and that they don’t mind being advertised to.
  • A distinctive advantage of Pay Per Click is that Google doesn’t reward the highest bidders but also considers highest quality ads based on performance. The better your ads, the higher your click through rates are the lower your costs.
  • Pay per click can help increase customer base and sales. The searchers who have searched for a keyword that matches your service are even relevant.
  • This type of marketing can work for any kind of business. Whether you’re looking to sell products, generate leads, increase traffic or build brand awareness.
  • If you spend enough, you get on the top placement and even the potential customer.
  • PPC is fast and can generate traffic within minutes.
  • PPC is agile, while other forms of marketing take time behind changing audience and behavior.
  • You can set your budget to control costs.
  • The results are easy to track and measure. You’ll see noteworthy performance details including impressions, clicks, conversions, etc. The picture here is clear and shows how your campaigns are performing and what kind of traffic you are getting.
  • It can help one achieve extensive business and marketing goals.
  • PPC works effectively with other marketing channels.
  • It provides great targeting options.

Now since we know what are the benefits of PPC and how it will help us, let us now plunge into how to get started with PPC.

  • Firstly, define your goals and objectives. What is the reason to run these paid ads? Is it to drive traffic to the website, increase sales, fill an online form or drive a visitor to pick up a call and dial the number on screen? There are different types of campaigns like search network, display network, etc.
  • Clarify the budget for your PPC campaign because you have to make payments based on the number of clicks.
  • Do the right keywords for organizing a successful PPC campaign. This is the essential step to improve your campaign. Only with suitable keywords, you will be able to promote your business successfully. This is all about discovering relevant and niche keywords.
  • Now is the time to create your ad. Do not underrate the importance of good writing by phrasing a catchy headline and description. There are character limits for titles and description. The minimum amount of characters for the title is 25 and for two descriptions 35 characters each. Check that grammar, spellings and overall language is proper and good to go. Create attractive and creative ad copies to fascinate the customers to buy your product/service.
  • Google and Bing have this thing called Quality Score. Make sure that you score 100% on quality. They determine your ad, keywords, landing page, etc. to determine the quality.
  • Make certain that you create a unique landing page which can get the customers to ease. Ensure that it has a good call to action features so that it is easy for customers to see the products that you have sold. If the landing page is not optimized, great click through rates and amazing ads are of no use.

There are certain PPC tools which help in creating and making it easier for you to run campaigns. The major ones are:

1. Google Adwords

It is an online advertising service developed by Google which is the most famous and most used tool for Pay Per Click ads.

2. Bing Adwords

It is a firm all in one tool for managing your campaigns. It provides advertising on Bing and Yahoo search.

3. Google keyword planner

This is also an essential tool for keyword research. It helps for creating and finding relevant keywords for your product/service.

WordStream advisor, AdExpresso, Google Trends,  etc are some more PPC tools available.

It is also essential that you monitor your ad performance closely.  It is you who is spending money on your ads and you should know the success of your ad to make sure your campaign is on goal. For this, there are analyze tools as well. Again the most used tool is Google Analytics and many other tools are available.

However, the PPC job is never complete. It requires complete follow up of adding or removing keywords, testing ad copy, adjusting bids, etc. throughout the lifetime of your ad campaign. But PPC has been proven to be the most reliable and profitable channel for many advertisers and businesses. Focus on the conversions rather than clicks. Bearing in mind the benefits of PPC make sure that you also have a paid campaign to increase your profits and obtain your goals & objectives.








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