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Globalisation is the result of human innovation and technological progress and we all know how it is taking everyone for a ride. Internet penetration in India and globally has increased and it has become an indispensable part of our lives. Businesses are taking up online marketing because it is lucrative and to build close relations with customers and prospects through regular, low-cost personalized communication.

How to be an Email marketing superhero?

We all have heard the buzz about Email marketing. But what exactly is Email Marketing? How to do Email marketing?  How is it effective compared to other marketing campaigns? And why should companies use it?

Email Marketing Advantages

The definition of Email marketing in simple terms is the act of sending commercial messages by email to current or potential customers. It is also known to be the oldest form of marketing online. The reaping benefits of email marketing lie in building trust, loyalty enriches business communications, cost-effective, environmentally friendly and increased brand awareness. One can easily target potential customers, measure and analyze email campaigns. Email marketing is the ultimate lead generation in content marketing. Emails pitch effective channel for direct marketing. Also one can easily track responses with analytics available today in order to understand what parts of your campaign are working and what went wrong. It has become an obligatory tool ever since its introduction.

Email marketing compared to other forms of marketing campaigns, is the easiest way to quickly reach target markets, customers and stay connected with your purchasing base. When reach is concerned, Email marketing totally wins. For example, if one has 2000 subscribers, everyone receives the email, whereas one cannot guarantee if the messages are read or reached the particular targets using other mediums. With the help of email marketing software, one can easily maintain an email list that has been segregated based on several factors like customers likes and dislikes, spending habits and another important basis.

One needs to first define objectives and plan strategies to reach out to a massive audience. The right type of email, embellished with a great subject line, can boost your reach and lead you towards your desired results of making a sale.

Simply select a tool for email marketing. There are many tools online like Send Grid, Litmus, Mail Chimp, Mail jet, etc. that are easy to use. Email marketing is more than just text. Rich media formats and templates can provide images and give your business/product more taste and surface.

Once objectives and strategies are defined, they are created and send out to the target members. You can perpetuate current clients while also target new markets by providing them with personalized email information.

To operate successful email marketing campaigns one need to keep specific points in mind:

  • The overall design of the email plays a major role. Sometimes asking the customers if they would like emails in text or HTML is a good practice.
  • Keep the subject line casual so that they are excited to open and read the email.
  • It is important to consider quality over quantity. If you see there are dead subscribers or inactive subscribers simply ditch them to keep the email list healthy. Your goal is to drive more sales or conversations and not to increase email lists.
  • To increase response rate make your emails relevant and only keep targeting. Personalise emails to each recipient.
  • Well just like social media, there are specific timings and days for sending emails. One should even test and measure to see what works the best!
  • Hyperlink your recipients to your homepage as well as show them exactly where to go.
  • Concentrate on demographics and previous engagement metrics to keep them engaged.
  • Before designing and writing your emails, select the right type of email campaign to be more specific and clear.
  • Consider copywriting for your emails. Proofread all aspects of language, from subject line to your email signature.

There are many types of email marketing campaigns. According to your product or service, tailor your strategy.

The welcome or introductory email – It is important that you first introduce yourself to the recipient and give gist about your product/service. To foster relationship this is the first step. Moreover, introductory emails receive higher open rates and generate more revenue.

Email Newsletters – It is an effective way to keep clients informed about your product/service. It is like a form of the press release and can even include graphics. It can be a constructive way to stay connected with customers.

Promotional emails –  Who would want to miss an opportunity to get some discounted rates or offers on a product/service? It is said that promotional emails at least make one purchase. It is one of the fruitful marketing tools to keep in touch with your subscribers and even to increase sales.

Seasonal campaign – Seasonal campaigns is an effective way to maintain engagement. On any major holiday or festivals launch a mail or add discount promotions to it. Birthday wishes are something that your subscribers cannot pass up. Provide a special deal or free gift to show how much you care.

Survey emails – Email surveys are material sent to customers asking for their feedback. Both positive and negative feedback is helpful. It can be used to make important decisions and even show the customers that you care about their opinions.

There are many other types of email marketing strategies like sales promotion emails, lead nurturing emails, transactional emails, etc. Decide what suits the best for your strategy.

Email marketing is a proven way to build business and customer relationships. It can never go wrong. It can reach your customers, strengthen your relationships further and drive engagement to another level.

It is a vital component in many businesses. If you are able to determine each of these points and learned to use it well you are on the right track to launch a successful email marketing strategy.

Try not to send out emails that go straight through the spam box and manage to make it through the inbox. Make it worthwhile for your subscribers to read.










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