Power of Social Media for your business

There was a time when social media was considered as time pass. It was majorly used by children and young youth. Who thought that social media would be one of the biggest factor for increasing business? There are around 2 million active social media users right now. Entrepreneurs, young and old, everyone are jumping online. It has become an indispensable part of our lives. Social media has evolved immensely which was once just used to connect with friends and family. Having a business account on social media can have various advantages of reaching people, gaining leads and sales. It has become a game changer for all the businesses.

There are many social media channels like, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest to name a few. All these platforms have different interfaces, which are user friendly and are cost-efficient.

Undoubtedly, today the most powerful source of marketing is “Social Media”. Your business will grow efficiently and effectively if you combine social media with other Digital Marketing strategies. It does require a lot of planning, attention and time but the outcome of it will be more than satisfactory.

It is indeed a powerful tool to leverage your business and grow sales, increase customer base, website traffic, promote product/service & increase brand awareness.

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Let us check the power of social media for your business:

The power of Social Media for your business

·        Increase in brand awareness

Increasing brand awareness is the most effective and efficient way to improve visibility and make your business more recognizable for customers. The main benefit lies if your business is present on all social media networks. You make is easy for your customers to find and connect with you. Almost 80% of business attract new clients through social media. It is also important to be active on all social media channels and to engage with them to create awareness. If people are unaware about your business, they won’t buy your products or service.

·        Driving sales

An important part of sales is to understand prospects and establish relationships. This is where social media helps to know your customers and their needs. Facebook and other platforms have proven to be essential for sales people. Daily content uploading and being active on social media plays a major role in driving sales. Customer service is also a part of this. It influences audience and drives huge amount of sales. Since there is brand awareness involved, it generates leads and sales because people come to know about your brand.

·        Increase in traffic and search rankings

One of the greatest benefits of using social media for business is to generate traffic and gain higher search rankings. The more your post is shared, the higher you get on search rankings. And not only this, it also helps in gaining website traffic. Promoting quality content always interest customers and they share which in turn again gains traffic. Social media platforms has various tools to redirect people to the website by creating carousel posts on Facebook, or other tools and techniques. Every blog, image, or video can drive traffic to your website and eventually a conversion.

·        Helps in knowing what competitors are doing

Since social media is an open platform, one can simply check what other competitors are doing and uploading. This is a great technique to improve oneself as well as to know where you stand. It also helps in making strategic social media plans to be ahead of them. Fanpage karma, LikeAlyzer, Klear, are some tools which help to analyse and compare your competitors engagement, post, reach, etc.

·        Build relationships and customer loyalty

Today the main concern for everyone is customer service. The main customer service department now is social media. Customers can comment, ask questions and one can clear their doubts by responding to their messages. Social media is also building conversations. It is a conversation that triggers brand awareness and loyalty to customers. Social media is not just blasting your company’s sales and activities but also to interact with customers and build relationships. This kind of relationship is something that traditional media will never achieve. Your customers will be satisfied and happy with detailed responses to their queries. You can provide great customer experiences through social media. It helps to measure user engagement, check which content attracts them the most, gain valuable insights into customer’s experiences and monitor comments.

·        Detailed targeting

One of the greatest benefits of social media is one can target content to places or countries. Facebook and Twitter have tools, which help one target specific place or area. Facebook advertising also allows targeting specific people based on their interest, demographics, behaviours, age, etc. This is how your content will reach the right audience and won’t go waste unlike traditional media which reaches everyone and even the people we don’t want to target. Plus these ads are inexpensive and a great way to promote content. On LinkedIn too you can segment by things like gender, location, job position, etc.


·        Return on Investment

In business, we calculate each and every expense and pay out. Marketing on social media will be a great and affordable asset which will get attention of potential customers, drive sales, increase your business awareness, increase traffic to your professional website, interactions with your customers and allow you to make changes wherever possible. All this on one platform!

If your business is not yet on social media platforms, you are probably missing out on a lot of things and customers. The longer you wait, the more opportunities for your competitors to grow. It is a treasure trove of benefits to help your business to grow. It is your call now.

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