All you need to know about Off-page SEO

Off-page Search Engine Optimization

Off-page refers to one of the techniques used to enhance the position of a website in the search engine results page. It is misunderstood by many that off-page SEO is only link building, but it is deeper than that! It is basically a promotion method which is beyond website design, for ranking a website higher in search results.

Let us start by first knowing what SEO means.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of growing visibility in organic search engine results page. There are two important factors in SEO, on-page and off-page. Both play a vital role and are equally important to improve the position of your website in the search results.

The factors related to on-page SEO are quality content writing, Meta tags, proper website coding and keyword research. These are strategies done within the website.

What does off-page SEO mean?

Off-page SEO are activities done outside the boundaries of the website to make the website visible. It works in the background to improve visibility by creating backlinks and other promotional activities. Surely, it is a time-consuming method but without applying off-page factors, your website will surely not rank. It basically tells Google what people think about your site.

The benefits of off-page SEO are:

  • Off-page techniques will help increase website ranking in search engine results page and will also help engage more traffic.
  • SEO gives more exposure when you start getting higher on the search engine results page. You will get more clicks, more links, more visits, and mentions.
  • Many think Page Rank and search results are same. But Page Rank is entirely a different concept. Google ranks each web page between 1 to 10 depending on the number of quality links to each page. Off-page techniques help increase Page Rank on the website.

Who would not want more exposure, a good page rank, and increase in rankings?

There are more than 200 factors contributing to off-page SEO techniques. Let us know in brief some of the main factors of SEO.


  1. Link building

Building links are very important to Google. Link popularity is one of the main factors for better search engine ranking. Even though the quality of your content is excellent but there are no links pointing to it, it is not possible for Google to determine the value of your page. Buying backlinks from non-related domains won’t gain search engine results. Therefore, obtain links relevant to your industry.


  1. Social Media Network

Social media becomes an integral part in ranking factors. It also becomes a form of link building. Make sure you promote your content using social media channels and engage your audience. Become members of popular social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, etc. Social media channels and mentions can boost SEO dramatically.


  1. Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is one of the oldest yet powerful way of promoting your website and getting traffic. There are numerous sites that you can do some social bookmarking like StumbleUpon, Diigo, Reddit, ScoopIt, Instapaper, Storyfile, etc. Promoting and sharing your content on these sites may boost your website traffic. It is also based on how effectively you participate and regularly mark your presence with content and comments.


  1. Blogging and blog commenting

Write a blog for your website and include fresh and unique content. This is also a proven way to promote websites.

Another way to be noticed by your potential audience is by visiting popular blogs and leaving comments on their blogs. Leave thoughtful comments that will catch the eyes of the blogger and audience or else you will be blocked by the blogger.


  1. Video promotion

Sharing and promoting videos on various hosting sites like YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo, etc. generates great and unique traffic. You can create great informational videos and share them. On YouTube and Vimeo, you can add URL of the website in the description area so you get more visitors.


  1. Business listings & reviews

Business reviews are now absolutely essential for local SEO visibility. Business listing is so dominant that people don’t even look at other results additionally it is free of cost. When people make a choice they check reviews and stars given which adds to attracting them to your web page. Many good reviews can improve your business rankings in search engines.


  1. Article submission

Article submission is also one of the most successful SEO technique. It refers to writing articles related to your business and then adding them to famous article submission listings. It is the best source and a valuable tool to guide you in making your online presence and also to get your readers educated about your business or products.


  1. Image submission

Image submission simply means sharing images relevant to your business in different image submission sites. There are various image submission sites like Picasa, Pinterest, Flickr, Tumblr,, Photobucket,, etc. It involves choosing the right image, proper title, targeted keywords, format and a crisp description. Never use images with copyright restrictions or watermarks.


  1. Classified ads

Classified ads mean placing of online relevant ads on websites that are dedicated for this purpose. Majority of marketers use classified ads for traffic optimisation. It is an outstanding medium to promote your business or products. In order to benefit from classified ads, it is important to check if the directories have good page rank. Alexa can be used to check site rank. Post ads in directories with high potential customers.


Make sure you do not extensively use black hat SEO techniques that focus only on search engines and not human audience. Not obeying search engine guideline will only get you in trouble.

To have successful SEO campaign, on-page, as well as off-page optimisation, needs to be done. Off-page does require a lot of hard work for creating quality backlinks and patience but all this will be worth because you will gradually climb to the top of search engine results page. Using the right technique and promoting it correctly will get you higher and everything else will follow.


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