Launch a Social Media Strategy for your Business- Ultimate Guide

We don’t think anyone needs an explanation on what Social Media is or how big it is. Social Media is probably the fastest growing trend and has approximately 1 billion users. That’s a huge number!

Since social media is used for sharing pictures and content and is used for entertainment, have you thought of using it for your business yet?

Have you ever thought how can this powerful tool be used to grow sales, increase customer base, website traffic, promote product/service & increase brand awareness?


Firstly, let us know what Social Media Marketing is.

Social Media Marketing Advantages

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the form of online marketing that brings social networking websites into service as a marketing tool. Grasping the power and use of Social Media Marketing can help businesses increase brand exposure and widen customer reach. Social Media Marketing became common with increasing popularity of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other networking sites.

Probably your customers are already interacting with many other brands and if you are not there, you are missing out on a lot of things! It is a solid way for businesses to reach, engage with customers & even driving leads and sales Great marketing on social media can bring marvellous success to your business and can raise your audience and customer base in a fascinating way. It helps to get direct feedback from potential customers and makes the company seem more affable.

Using social media for personal use and business are totally different. You might think that marketing on social media is the easiest but getting started without any previous experience or vision can be challenging.


Let us look into some crucial social media marketing principals to increase your online advantages and fulfil your bottom line.

  • The process of Social Media Marketing is to build, engage, optimize and analyse. Firstly, build your audience, then make astonishing content and engage, make great use of the situation and lastly analyse your reach & engagement.
  • Before creating social media campaigns, define your goals and strategies. Starting without any specific goal in mind is like wandering in an unknown city without a map – you might have fun, but you will probably get lost.
  • Follow the listen more and talk less fundamental. Listening to what your customers say or want helps you create magnificent content. Understand what your customers want and put yourself in place of them.
  • Content is a powerful weapon. Everyone wants their content to go viral but for that, it has to be engaging and interesting for people to share, like or comment on it. Therefore, your content should be excellent or else you will get no traffic!
  • Always acknowledge your customers’ comments or messages. This enhances relationships with your customers and shows your interest in them.
  • If other sources provide information which you think your target audience might enjoy, do not be back to share it with them. Linking to outside sources enhances trust and you may even get some links and shares in return.
  • If you expect your content to be shared or liked by others, other businesses also expect the same. Follow them, like their posts, participate conversation so that they do the same for you.
  • Concentrate more on quality over quantity. If you upload daily and it drives no traffic or engagement, your energy is wasted; moreover, it shows the quality of your own business. Therefore, concentrate creating good engaging content and not on creating more content.
  • Connect with your online influencers and work to build relations with them. If they find your content interesting, they are likely to share with their audience, which will bring you in front of a huge audience.
  • Having an account on more social networking sites increases brand visibility. You should upload your content on all social networking sites.
  • It is important that you keep an eye on other competitors. Never stop learning from your competitors. If some strategy is working out for them, it might work for you as well, but do it in a better and unique manner.
  • Patience is the key to any business. Success won’t come to you overnight. Even Social Media Marketing takes time to build your audience and elevate success.


Let us now get into each platform’s unique user base, an environment so that you can strategize according to their approaches.

Facebook: Facebooks friendly and casual environment requires an active strategy. Develop content which engages and creates conversation. The organic reach of Facebook can be limited, therefore, consider cost effective strategies to reach a wider audience.

Instagram: Instagram is like a sister to Facebook. Here people go to relax so keep your tone light and casual.

Google+: Google+ serves a more niche audience. It allows you to segregate your followers in small groups by using Google+ circles. It doesn’t work for everybody but many communities are very active on Google+.

Pinterest: It is one of the fastest growing social media marketing trends. It is an image-centered platform to showcase product offerings while it also helps increase links back in your website which drives traffic. User engagement on Pinterest is extremely high.

Twitter: Twitter has introduced many new features over the years that are used to boost brand image. You can broadcast updates across the web on Twitter. Twitter tailors around dialogue and conversations so make sure that you interact and tweet about discounts, news etc. to nurture your business. Follow your online influencers or people in your field and you might get a follow back.

There are many more social media platforms like Youtube, Reddit, Snapchat, Vine, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Quora etc. which can help boost your reach and brand existence.

One of the main reason to use social media marketing is to make their brand visible and accessible to those interested. Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram reaches a much wider audience compared to traditional print or TV.

Social Media Marketing also elevates Google organic search. Of the top 10 factors that contribute with Google organic search, seven are social media. Which means that if you are not yet on social media, you tend to show up less on Google searches.

Make sure you market your brand on social media to connect with your customers and grow up the ladder of success


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