Content marketing hacks for attracting more website visitors

There are many misunderstanding when it comes to content marketing. People do not know the actual meaning of it. Content marketing is everything from writing blogs, images, videos, and sharing them on various platforms to gain more customers, increase your email list, build your brand online, generate website traffic, etc. It is a strategy that has never proven to fail. Attracting more visitors, in turn, will give you a chance to convert them, increase fans and improve sales

Coming to generating website traffic, it is the main concern not only for you but for everyone. Majority of bloggers struggle to get visitors to their site because they don’t know how to attract people. It is said that if you know to create content that can attract customers, then no one can stop you from getting up on the ladder. Indeed creating content is a difficult job but also it is easy if you follow some steps and think before posting it. With a rigid plan and strategy, you can ahead of your competitors.

Here are some hacks for attracting more visitors to your website.

Content marketing hacks that can attract more visitors to your website

  1. Create content that will go Viral

You have to understand why certain content gets viral while others don’t. Once you have understood that you can adapt things easily. It is said that content that triggers emotions like laughter, sadness, anger, etc. always go viral. If it makes people laugh, they will be keen to share your idea with others. In older days, content was only made to appeal Google and search engine. Those days are gone and now content is made to appeal niche audience so that they share and it reaches more people and you get more customers and conversions. Focus more on content that is helpful and emotionally vibrant and that it benefits your audience. You have to get an idea which should be out of the box. Of course, you won’t win at being viral each and every time, but even 2 viral contents each month can get you innumerable leads and customers.

You can write content which can be debating like arguing on a certain belief. Resonating with your target audience and creating content accordingly is a great step. If your target audience is from the 80’s or 90’s, write or create something can that bring old memories back. These ideas will surely work for making your content going viral. People also care about things happening currently. Cover news that is current and important.


  1. Write articles that are long

Google loves in-depth articles that are long and even your target customers would love. Writing content with full details and a great conclusion on the subject that you have chosen. Make sure you cover the whole topic in-depth and dive deep into it. Write as much as you can on that topic. Research says more than 2000 words of content have the tendency to get more readers, shares on social media platforms, and even rank high on Google. Your content marketing strategies will only yield if you give full information to your readers about the topic and also give quality content.


  1. Captivating headline

Headline play a major role is gaining your readers attention. You have approximately 5 seconds to attract your reader to your content. Everyone wants their readers to read the next lines and end up reading the whole content. Fascinating headlines can attract your readers and always get them back to you.  If even you write awesome content, it will be left unread if your headlines are not magnetic. The time you give to write your content, give the same time to decide your headline. Adding a pinch of curiosity to your headline can show great wonders and will definitely attract people to read further.


  1. Importance of call-to-action

Call-to-action are words that urge people to click on the content or advertisement. Call-to-action buttons like “read further”, “learn more”, etc. are examples. An advertisement or blog without call-to-action buttons is considered as ineffective and incomplete. It is important that you pay attention to your call-to-action buttons, their shapes, sizes, color, etc. A call-to-action button saying “DOWNLOAD” won’t make much difference, instead of saying “Get your free E-book now” will make a difference in appealing them to click on it.


  1. Encourage guest blogging

Generally, there are two ways to construct a blog audience with content marketing. First is when you write articles on your own blog and getting your potential audience to know about it and second is when you publish content on other blogs, which are relevant to your business. This can be a part of link building and SEO strategies also, but don’t make this your only focus because a blogger can also block you from publishing to their sites which in turn will keep Google from passing SEO value to your site. Guest blogging is mostly building your audience and this can benefit you in a number of ways. You will get more brand mentions, naturally gain organic traffic and build quality links from authority blogs.


Thus, these are some hacks that you can follow to increase your fan followers and also make your content hit which will result in gaining website visitors. There are many other ways and hacks that can help you attract visitors and the best way is to see what works for you and others also. No matter what SEO tactics you use, without content, it is going to be unsuccessful.

Excellent content can work as magic for you and your website!



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